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Man meets first responders who saved his life

Williamsport first responders saved Bill Gusler's life in November of 2022 while he was having a heart attack.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Bill Gusler is from New Bloomfield just north of Harrisburg. In November of last year, he was at the Genetti Hotel in Williamsport for a billiards tournament when he went into cardiac arrest.

"I don't remember and don't recall anything from the situation. I checked into the hotel and had a cardiac arrest," said Gusler.

Thanks to bystander CPR and first responders, he is alive today.

"I am extremely thankful that Matt, my best friend, knew CPR and was able to start performing it before EMS arrived on site," Gusler added.

"Early CPR is massive for the public to know. In those instances, they keep the blood flowing and the oxygen flowing to the brain," said Alex Karney of the Susquehanna Regional EMS.

Gusler stopped by UPMC Williamsport to meet the EMS, firefighters, and police officers who helped save his life that day.

Karney was one of the first responders.

"I immediately placed the monitor on him and gave him a defibrillation since he was in a shockable rhythm at that time. As soon as we defibrillated him we started CPR again," Karney stated.

Within 15 minutes he was resuscitated.

"I am just so extremely thankful for each and every one of them and all their knowledge," said Gusler.

He handed each first responder a golden bar. They are awarded to those who save a life.

"It feels like we are doing something and making a difference. Especially seeing him with no neurological deficits. It feels good that he can live his life for a second time," Karney added.

Gusler is now back home with loved ones and says he is 100% healthy.

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