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Time is running out to file your taxes

This year's tax season is hammering some tax preparers. After two years of extended deadlines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tax Day is back in April.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The 2021 tax deadline is quickly approaching. Unlike the last two years, this year's Tax Day falls on April 18.

Paul Davison is the general manager at H&R Block in East Stroudsburg.

"Finding out that people are used to the longer period of filings. Now they realize the end is near and we are getting hammered at the end," said Paul Davison, H&R Block.

The IRS pushed back the deadline in previous years because of the pandemic.

Davison says because there were a lot of changes this year, the filers are tying up loose ends late in the game.

"There's a lot of confusion with the advance child tax credit this year. The third stimulus. How many stimuli' are we going to get this year? Losing count. A lot of people go back to check their records. Look back to see what they received, didn't receive," said Davison.

If you need more time to file, you have until Monday to apply for an extension.

That does not mean you get an extension to pay your taxes, but rather to file them.

Mark Mihalka co-owns Liberty Tax on South Main Street in Pittston. He says take the option if you need it.

"If you are not aware that deadline is sneaking up and you thought it was May or July, and you, you don't have your items ready, you do want to get that extension filed. If you do have a balance due, the failure to file a penalty is much greater than the failure to pay penalty," said Mark Mihalka, Liberty Tax.

If you are going to try and file before Monday, agents say to gather your W-2s and/or 1099s quickly.

Seeking professional help is also an option, but note that it may be too late for some experts to squeeze you in before the deadline.

Those who file for an extension have until mid-October to send their completed returns.

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