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Central Pa. organizations hoping to inspire others to give back on Giving Tuesday

Non-profits say that donating a small amount can make a difference in somebody’s life.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for people to give back in any way they can.

“We ask the community to remember the non-profit sector and the needs that we have to support our community. Particularly in these difficult times for so many families," said Kevin Ressler with the United Way of Lancaster County.

“The strength, the vibrance, the core, the fabric of our community is when we pitch in and we help one another," said Rae Lynn Cox with the United Way of the Capital Region

Some non-profit organizations say the trend for giving is down compared to previous years.

“I think the fears around inflation, and a potential recession and all those big, scary economic terms, do have some people hesitant," said Ressler. 

While the trend of giving has decreased, the need has only increased. 

“We’re seeing generationally high numbers of need around housing, and that means everything flows down from housing. If you can’t afford housing, you’re struggling in every other area in your life," said Ressler.

The non-profits say that even donating a small amount can make a difference in somebody’s life.

“Even a few dollars can help provide essentials to a family. If it’s a form of a meal, or it’s helping to set the cost of childcare... it’s this collective giving of all these gifts that adds up to make a tangible difference," said Cox. 

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