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Little League World Series good for the local economy

With all of that baseball comes an influx of people into the Williamsport area. In turn, that brings more business to the area.

LYCOMING COUNTY, Pa. — Little League teams will start arriving in Lycoming County as soon as this weekend. Restaurants and hotels in Williamsport are ready for the increase in business that comes along with the Little League World Series.

Williamsport is typically a busy place, but according to the Williamsport-Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, the population here will grow by about 70,000 people next week. That's because the Little League World Series is once again coming to South Williamsport.

"It brings a lot of tourists. I do DoorDash, and it brings a lot of business for those of us who have side companies or the little companies on this street especially," Stadie Budman said.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, the Little League World Series brings in around $40 million to the local economy.

"Residually, it's a lot of money for our little town every August when things are slow. It picks us up," Fred Daniele said.

Franco's Restaurant has been in Williamsport for nearly 40 years. Employees look forward to the Little League World Series each year.

"Years ago, they would only run it Wednesday to Saturday. It was a very quick event. Then they expanded it to two weeks. That's really helped with our businesses and stuff," Daniele said.

All of those people need a place to stay.

"We'll have some pretty decent occupancy numbers though Little League, which is 13 days. That will really get us over the hump till the end of the year," Kathy Taylor said.

The Genetti Hotel in Williamsport usually has at least five teams staying here.

"The parents of those teams will be calling and booking rooms at the last minute. 10-15 rooms at a shot, so we'll be pretty busy on the phones this weekend," Taylor said.

All the action starts Monday with the Grand Slam Parade in Williamsport. The games start Wednesday.

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