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Latinos Unidos of York aims to serve the Latino community

They say their goal is for the Latino community to feel seen, heard, and included as part of York.

YORK, Pa. — For five years, Latinos Unidos of York has been working to empower the Latino community and strengthen bonds to promote the social, civic, and economic integration of Latino families in York. 

“York has a lot of amazing services, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We’re the connector, we’re reaching out [and] we’re able to connect people with different services and needs that they may have," said Angie Garrison with Latinos Unidos of York. 

The organization realized the need when it saw a large Latino population moving into the area.

“With Hurricane Maria, we have a large population that’s moved into the area from Puerto Rico. When you’re not sure of the area, and the different services available. You don’t know where to go to, you don’t know the people, you don’t know who to talk to," said Garrison. 

One need they found was the gap between local first responders and the Latino community.

“We put together a public safety Spanish-speaking program with York City police and fire department to help bridge that gap," said Garrison.

They say their goal is for the Latino community to feel seen, heard and included as part of York. 

“We’re all serving different people and communities. York is a plethora of many different nationalities and it’s very important to bridge those gaps," said Garrison. 

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