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Lancaster native prepares for a world trip on a unicyle

In April, Alessandro Pagliai will look to set a world record for the longest trip around the world on a unicycle.

LANCASTER, Pa. — Can you imagine taking a trip around the world on a unicycle?

That scenario is a reality for Alessandro Pagliai of Lancaster, who plans to take a world trip in April.

He said this trip was inspired by Ed Pratt, a British man who took an 18,000 mile trip around the world on a unicycle. "I need to see the world like that, it's a really cool way to do it," Pagliai said.

However, this Lancaster native's trip will be about 25-30,000 miles long and he's dedicating five years to complete it.

His trip will start in Washington, D.C and he'll ride all the way to California, then to Argentina.

"I'm traveling on the Pan-American Highway to the tip of Argentina and after that we're going to Europe, then Asia and down to New Zealand and Australia," Pagliai explained.

Thankfully, he won't be alone. His nephew will be right behind him on his mountain bike and ready to set up a tent to camp whenever they need rest.

"I'm really happy to have him because he's about 6'4", and he's going to be a good security guard for me," he said.

Despite the ongoing war, Pagliai's also looking forward to making a stop in Ukraine, "I honestly really wanted to go through all those countries like Ukraine and Russia and if I can somehow manage to do that safely, I'd definitely give it a shot."

Pagliai is excited to potentially set a world record for the longest unicycling trip around the world. His trip will start on April 29.

"It'll be nice to be one of the first five guys ever, there's only been two guys to attempt it," he said.

You can track Pagliai's journey on his Facebook page.

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