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Lancaster County woman saves neighbor from fire

Evy Lyons, 56, is being credited with saving her neighbor from his burning home.

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — A Lancaster County woman is being credited with saving a man's life after his home caught on fire.

Evy Lyons, 56, of Lancaster Township, entered the burning home of her neighbor on June 4 around 10:30 p.m. and was able to pull him away from the flames.

Officials credited Lyons with saving the man's life.

"I turned on the porch light and the smoke was so prevalent... and I stepped out and  I smelled it... and in my mind, I thought, 'that doesn't smell like fire pit smoke,'" Lyons explained.

 "I saw smoke from coming from behind my neighbors home. And as I got closer, and I got into the doorway, I could hear him screaming 'Help! Help!'" Lyons said.

"We covered him with the blanket, we pulled him out. He was head-to-toe covered in black," Lyons said.

Steven Roy of the Lancaster Township Fire Department said there were no working smoke alarms in the home, and that it may have been a different outcome had Lyons not intervened.

"When he is home and ready, I, of course, would love to see him, just to give him a hug," Lyons said.

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