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Lancaster County doesn't need Phil, they have their own oracle

Octoraro Orphie, the groundhog at the The Slumbering Lodge of Hibernating Governors, predicts an early spring right around the corner.

KIRKWOOD, Pa. — Move over, Punxsutawney Phil.

Lancaster County has their own weather prognosticator, and it lives at the The Slumbering Lodge of Hibernating Governors.

Octoraro Orphie, called "the One True Groundhog" for his allegedly undefeated streak of correct predictions since 1908, gives the Hibernating Governors the future forecast every Feb. 2.

On Thursday, he predicted that spring is right around the corner.

Legend has it (as told verbatim by every member themselves) these Hibernating Governors head out before the second sunrise in February, to the banks of the West Branch of the Octoraro Creek. There, they wait patiently to catch glimpse of their furry oracle's movements and to record its prediction.

The Hibernating Governors return to The Slumbering Lodge, ascend the Pinnacle of Prognostication (a manure spreader), and proclaim to central Pennsylvania—and the world—Orphie's prediction.

People from all over Lancaster County participated in the celebration at the Lodge. Along with Orphie's prediction, people partook in a Groundhog Day parade, bonfire and refreshments.

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