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Human remains found in Steelton

Community members are shocked and say they can’t believe this could happen in such a small, tight-knit community, like Steelton.

STEELTON, Pa. — Authorities are investigating the discovery of human remains in Steelton.

Officials were called to the discovery of the remains in a wooded area behind the 800 block of N. Front St. in Steelton at about 3:00 p.m. on July 27. 

“I’m here everyday, like I’m always out here, so, it’s like weird for something like this to happen," said Lena Dones, a resident.

Community members are shocked and say they can’t believe this could happen in such a small, tight knit community, like Steelton.

“Everybody pretty much knows everybody…If we don’t know them, we see them, you haven’t seen them, you know somebody that they know. So yeah, it’s definitely a shock," said Dennis Earley. 

“I was like…that’s crazy. Like, I didn’t know that would happen down here," said Dones. 

“It was definitely a bit shocking, I mean I  have so many questions, I’m really curious," said Rachel Krepich. 

The mayor of Steelton Ciera Dent also provided a statement saying: 

“Today human remains were found in the borough and we are working with the county and other agencies to hopefully bring closure to a family. This is an open investigation and as we get details we will share with the public. One thing I do want to address is the lack of respect for victims. Posting and sharing pictures of a deceased person, an injured person, a person in a life-threatening situation, is distasteful to say the least. 

When these things are brought to my attention I try my best to have them removed out of respect for the family and to also give our officers and everyone involved the ability to investigate the case properly without outside interference. I tried reaching out to the founder of the page it was shared from and was unfortunately advised that “it’s news”. 

No family should have to witness their loved one’s remains plastered over social media. This is not news we condone nor support. My heart will always be for the people and serving them in the best way possible. We must be mindful of what we share, engage with and entertain. What may be news to some, is trauma to others.”

Community members agree that it’s disrespectful to the victim’s family.  

“It’s their story to tell and whatever happened, it’s for them to come about, not some random person just post about it, that’s kind of weird," said Dones. 

“It’s kind of disrespectful in a way. I think you should, the family should know about it first, before anyone report it. I would want to know first. you know, I don’t want to be surprised by news, and I’m looking for my brother, son, whoever. I don’t want to be surprised by it by social media," said Earley. 

Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick said that officials are going to use the teeth to match the remains to the person officials believe it is. Authorities are also examining the entire area, including the bones and clothing found with the remains.

According to Dauphin County Public Information Officer Brett Hambright, an autopsy was performed on the remains today, and the results are pending further investigation.

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