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People discuss how they would spend the proposed $1,400 stimulus

Paying the mortgage and buying guns: People in Southcentral Pennsylvania explain how they would use the next round of stimulus, if it gets the green light.

LANCASTER, Pa. — With the Senate passing the American Rescue Plan, some people in our area hope to have the extra stimulus money in their bank accounts soon. Do they really need the proposed $1,400 checks though?

FOX43 spoke with people in Lancaster to see how they would spend the additional dollars.

Without any income, Alan Kling, an aspiring teacher from Lancaster County, is hopeful for the proposed stimulus.

"You can't be paid while you're student teaching because you're doing it for college credit," explained Kling.

Kling cannot substitute teach either as he signed a contract to student teach.

"You're doing what is basically an unpaid internship and the stimulus just so happens to fall in your lap at the same time," he explained. "I'm trying to put a positive spin on it."

Other people say the extra cash would supplement their income, but it won't be used to buy extravagant things

"We have put it [past stimulus] towards our mortgage, the little that we didn't just save," explained Sean Libetti of Delaware.

"It is good because it does help people a little extra with the bills, because to me, you don't know what's going to happen during this pandemic," said Taylor Durso of Delaware.

Ali Noori of Lititz pays the bills by delivering food for Grubhub. He quit driving people for Uber at the start of the pandemic.

"It was really risky because some riders won't even wear a mask. It's like, 'do I got to worry about getting coronavirus or making money?' so you're stuck in the middle," explained Noori.

The House plans to vote early next week on the $1.9 trillion COVID rescue plan the Senate has approved. Here's who'll be getting a third stimulus check. WASHINGTON - The Senate narrowly approved the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill on Saturday, moving millions of Americans one step closer to receiving a third round of stimulus checks.

Noori has managed to get by during the pandemic, but he says he knows others who have not been so fortunate.

"For people who don't have employment, they can't really afford to pay for rent, cover their bills, and keep going with a stimulus every four or five months," said Noori. "Rent ranges here from $900 to $1,200 to live in a decent place for a month. That's not including bills, their kids' clothes. It doesn't even cover one month."

On social media, People told FOX43 they will buy guns and ammunition, or they plan to use the money to improve their home

"Whether people are using it to pay off their tuition, paying the light bill, helping their parents medical expenses if they have COVID-19 -- we've had such a mess in this world, anything that can help someone out, there is nothing wrong with that," added Kling.

Here is how the next stimulus would work: Individuals earning an adjusted gross income or AGI up to $75,000 (and married couples earning up to $150,000) are eligible for the the full $1,400 each. They are also eligible for $1,400 for each dependent. No person with an AGI over $80,000 or couples with an AGI of $160,000 will receive the stimulus. 

Unlike the previous stimulus checks, adult dependents, such as college students and elderly Americans, may qualify for the $1,400.

While not everyone agrees on the dollar amount for the stimulus or if there should be another, everyone FOX43 spoke with agrees on one thing: They're ready for the pandemic to end.

Beyond stimulus checks, the Senate's version of the American Rescue Plan will extend the jobless benefit supplement at $300 per week until September 6, 2021. It will also make the first $10,200 in UI received in 2020 nontaxable for households with incomes under $150,000.

The House bill had only extended the program through August 29. It would've provided an additional $400 per week in benefits.

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