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How can you avoid package burglary this holiday season?

With numerous holidays right around the corner, the Lititz Borough Police Department gave pointers to make sure your presents stay safe this season!

LITITZ, Pa. — Online shopping is always a popular pastime, but it takes higher precedence during the holiday season. 

Unfortunately, many find the effortless task of ordering their gifts online challenged by the ever-growing threat of 'porch pirates.' To help, the Lititz Borough Police Department has some helpful tips that can let you and your loved ones enjoy the holiday season without headaches.

1. Consider having packages delivered to a neighbor if you are going to be away from the house

Got a small getaway planned soon? Don't stress over if someone's future gift is going to sit out on your porch for the taking; instead, ask a trusted neighbor or friend if it can instead be sent to their address. This way, there's no room for potential thievery if it gets dropped off at your house and nobody can pick it up right away.

2. Utilize delivery companies that have lockboxes for your convenience

It may be tempting to opt for a delivery that will bring your package straight to your door, but utilizing a lockbox cuts out most of the hassle and strain that leaving a package unattended comes with. If you work unpredictable hours, or just feel uncomfortable with an expensive item sitting out on your porch, it's extremely beneficial to have your package delivered to a nearby lockbox instead.

3. Go for mailing services that require signatures for all deliveries

This may seem inconvenient to some, but it ensures that your present will only arrive if you are at your house to take it. This instills responsibility in both the delivery drivers and you so that both parties can confirm the package is received correctly without any trouble.

4. Sign-up for mobile tracking alerts

You're not always home, but you most likely always have your phone on you. This option makes it effortless to check the status of your delivery so that you can better plan your day around it.

5. Go for having packages delivered to your workplace

Sometimes you feel as though you are living in your place of work even more than your home, and that can be used as an advantage this season! Having your package delivered to the workplace ensures that it will be taken in quicker rather than just sitting on your porch while you're clocked in. Just remember to double-check with your employer before sending your Christmas gifts over!

6. Inform out-of-town friends and family where they can send their presents

Based on the options above, decide what best suits you and your schedule during the holidays and make sure to let your loved ones know. This way, stress is lifted from their shoulders with the knowledge that you will undoubtedly receive their package.

If you experience any holiday package theft this season, please remember to contact your local police department. Reports help them determine robbery trends and help aid other investigations in your area.

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