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Holiday Foods with Party Host Helpers

MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP,Pa—This time of year means spending time with the ones you love, but it can also be stressful and downright expensive! So we are showi...

MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP,Pa---This time of year means spending time with the ones you love, but it can also be stressful and downright expensive! So we are showing you some easy ways to throw a holiday party with your friends and family that won’t leaving you broke in 2019.  We’re here with Renee Patrone, CEO and Founder of Party Host Helpers!

First off, it helps to be working in this gorgeous kitchen inside this model home at Keystone Homes in York Township – such the perfect backdrop!

Now to the food, we are making easy finger foods that are festive and fun.  At Party Host Helpers, we want to see our clients mingling and catching up with everyone.  It can be tough to do that a formal sit-down so we have set up this great spread that allows your guests to grab and go throughout the evening.  Plus, they are so simple – your kids can make them.

Check out the Christmas Tortilla rollups – you’re going to help me make one.  Grab a tortilla shell, spread on this mix of cream cheese and ranch dress.  Add some diced red and green bell peppers, some salt and pepper and voila – roll it up in plastic wrap, let it sit in your fridge for several hours and then slice up into these fun roll-ups.  You can really add anything to these – ham, shredded chicken, prosciutto or keep them vegetarian like we did.  Plus, they look beautiful! (https://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/christmas-tortilla-rollups/ )

Up next, are these Tree Pitas.  I mean, these appetizers could be classified as lazy but I have a lot to do between shopping and wrapping gifts and working, I don’t have time to make a 7-course meal for a friend get together!

Slice pita pockets – plain or flavored – into little triangles.  Now spread this mix – which is just store bought guacamole and some sour cream, garlic and parsley.  Add some more diced red bell pepper.  You can even have fun with it and create little garlands – or you can add sliced baby carrots as ornaments.  Push half a pretzel stick through the bottom.  Then pop into the fridge to let it set for a all ingredients you grabbed at the grocery store!

(https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/pita-tree-appetizers/65a94ae1-56dd-4767-9816-07f71b2f6832 )

Another favorite of mine is the Holiday Pretzel Hugs – again a super easy food that your kids can make ahead of time and you can pull out right before your guests arrive.

Christmas Pretzel Hugs

(https://www.cookingclassy.com/pretzel-mm-hugs-christmas-style/ )

Grab some pretzel squares or pretzel wheels – not the butter kind – place on a foil lined baking sheet, top with a striped hershey’s kiss.  Bonus if it is the peppermint flavor! And bake at 350 for just a few minutes, until the chocolate is melting.

Then top with red and green m&m’s, add some red sprinkle sugar and pop in the fridge until the candy hardens again.  These are so tasty and super easy and you can make them days in advance and store in a container in your fridge.