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Hempfield School District considers new policy to require sex-based distinctions in sports

On Tuesday, the Hempfield School District board read the first draft of Policy 123.1, a policy that requires sex-based distinctions in sports.

LANCASTER, Pa. — The Hempfield School District board read the first draft of a policy that requires sex distinctions based on sports. On Tuesday, the school district board read the first draft of Policy 123.1. 

The policy would require student athletes to play on sports teams corresponding with their sex at birth with "reasonable accommodations."

"This is some wildly dangerous effort to radically change America to something unrecognizable," said one parent in the Hempfield School District.

In response to this one parent in the school district asked, "The policy 123.1 states a student's sex is irrelevant, separate athletic teams based on sex preserve fairness and are safer, would you agree with this?"

Under this policy the school district will provide "reasonable accommodations" for females to try out for a male sports when there is no female team for that sport during the school year.

Reasonable accommodations will also apply for students who have not begun male puberty to play during that season on teams designated for females.

This is a policy some parents in the district are in favor of.

"Voting yes for 123.1 is a huge step in the right direction," one parent said.

Another parent was in agreement saying, "I would like to think the board members who showed their resolve to protect the integrity of female sports last week."

Last week, the Pennsylvania senate passed a bill prohibiting transgender women from participating in women's sports.

This bill would require public K-12 schools and colleges to designate sports as male, female or co-ed. The proposal which passed 30-20 now heads to the State house.

While it's unclear if this policy in the Hempfield School District will move forward at this time, many are hopeful.

"You voted 7-2 to keep the integrity of school athletics in tact I believe you have the opportunity to ratify that today," one parent said.

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