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Harrisburg theatre honors shooting victim Meredith Greene

For more than five years, Meredith acted in plays at the Gamut Theatre. Her colleague, Sharia Benn, said her performances left an unforgettable mark with audiences.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Harrisburg theatre community took the time to remember one of the victims of this week's double homicide, 29-year-old Meredith Greene.

Sankofa Theatre Company, which Greene was a part of, paid tribute to the actress with a speech before and after Friday night's play "Echoes of Voices of The Eighth" at the Gamut Theatre.

On Wednesday, Meredith's brother, Gregory Greene tragically shot and killed her along with her fiancé Tyler Thames. According to the Harrisburg Bureau of Police, Greene Junior also stabbed the couple's daughter, ages 6 and 7-years-old.

Sharia Benn, who scouted Meredith for her theatre company, said she couldn't believe the news.

" [I was in ] disbelief because they were such a peaceful, joyous close-knit unit," said Benn, the founder of Sankofa Theatre Company.

For the past five years, Greene lit up the stage as she acted in plays that left an unforgettable mark with audiences.

Credit: John Bivens
Meredith Greene during her performance in "Voices of the Eighth."

"When she was on stage and she introduced this energy to whatever roles she did...you remembered the role, you remembered the story," Benn added.

During the interview with FOX 43, Benn said Meredith loved spending time with her children, Royal and August, as they were her motivation to work hard.

"My god, everything she did, she put 110 percent in it. I don't care what it was, if it was making a salad, cleaning windows. In every production, she did the work," Benn said.

The children have been released from the hospital. 

Police said Greene Junior also shot his sister Brittonie Meredith during the attack. She is in critical condition at the hospital.

The Sankofa Theatre Company will be raising money for Meredith Greene's funeral arrangements.

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