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Experts warn trickle down effect of the panic at the pump could lead to more problems

"This is not a big deal. We're making it a big deal," said Patrick De Haan of GasBuddy about the panic buying at the pump.

The panic at the pump could cause more problems for drivers as experts warn everyone to just fill up on the gas they need and to not overdo it.

"This is not a big deal. We're making it a big deal," said Patrick De Haan of GasBuddy about the people filling up multiple cars and cans at the pump.

He reminded everyone the Colonial Pipeline, which is now back up and running, did not cause a production issue. Rather, it caused a delivery issue. Therefore he said gas prices will likely not fluctuate for as long as they would if the supply and demand had been distrubted. However, if people panic buy and hoard that could change. 

"The worst incidents I've seen in my career gas prices have only jumped $0.50-$1.00 a gallon in 3 or 4 days," he said, adding "people are freaked out that prices are going to go up to $5 or $6 and that's just ridiculous."

The panic is also a worry for businesses who are watching the gas pump prices closely.

Small businesses such as MariSal's Pizza Shop in Spring Garden Township relies on low gas prices to make deliveries and keep delivery fees low. MariSal's sits on Mount Rose Avenue and has already had a tough time hiring delivery drivers due to the pandemic. 

She credits her customers with supporting her throughout a tough year.

"If it wasn't for our customers coming back and repeatedly coming back we probably wouldn't be here," said Trish Miranda, owner of MariSal's Pizza Shop. 

Listen to the owner discuss how the pandemic has impact her business, as well as the Mt. Rose construction, and the pipeline panic:

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