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Susquehanna Township gas stations offer low prices, attract customers from out of the area

Three gas stations in Susquehanna Township are selling gas below $4 per gallon to draw in more customers.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — As prices are beginning to fall, three gas stations in Susquehanna Township are competing to offer customers the best possible price.

On Saturday, a Sunoco station on Front Street was selling gas at $3.81/gallon, while another Sunoco station and Exxon station on the corner of Front Street and Linglestown Road were selling fuel at $3.83/gallon.

The low prices are causing cars to flock in from all over the area.

“I haven’t seen [gas] lower since I saw one place at $4.15," said Denny Evans, a customer.

“We were driving to move my girlfriend’s sister into college, and we passed through here and said, ‘Oh my goodness, we need to stop here on the way back," said Zach Seyko, another customer.

Gas throughout the rest of Central Pennsylvania is hovering around $4.40/gallon on average. 

Such relatively cheap gas in Susquehanna Township is leaving residents with a lot of questions.

“What is going on?," asked Peggy McWhite, a resident. "How can it be so expensive everywhere else and $3.81 here?”

The best price competition began when the Sunoco gas station on the corner of Front Street and Linglestown Road began offering five-cent discounts for paying cash, and price matching the Exxon station across the street recently.

The Exxon station responded by dropping their prices, triggering a domino effect that continues to lower prices in the area.

“A lot of people are benefitting from this price war and it’s a lot of fun," said Zach Bittner, a Sunoco employee. "I’ve been keeping up with a lot of my friends, letting them know how absurd it’s getting, but eventually somebody’s got to give.”

“I have two cars and I went home to get my other car and came back down," said Heather Hunter, a customer.

For now, Harrisburg area residents are taking full advantage of the savings gained from the recent drop in price and competition.

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