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FOX43 Focal Point: Infertility — Support groups provide space to build bonds, share experiences

FOX43 FOCAL POINT: INFERTILITY — The goal of Infertility support groups is to provide a space where women can help women. FOX43’s Lynda Weed attende...
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FOX43 FOCAL POINT: INFERTILITY -- The goal of Infertility support groups is to provide a space where women can help women.

FOX43's Lynda Weed attended a peer-led support group in York County for our FOX43 Focal Point: Infertility.

The group is led by Stacey Lutter. Stacey struggles with infertility. She is one emotionally strong mama, but wasn't always that way.

In 2003 Stacey and her husband Vince were hit with a hard truth that having a biological child was probably never going to happen for them.

Stacey went to her OBGYN to learn more. "She recommend testing for endometriosis at the time. She felt that was really my problem."

The Spring Grove couple tried a number of medical treatments. This time was emotionally hard for Stacey. She decided to find a group of like-minded women.

She found a peer-led support group at York College. Years later, and now Stacey is the one hosting it.

The group is made up of couples that are currently struggling to conceive and women who have stories and advice to share from their own experience.

Stacey never did give birth to her own child, but that didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams. Stacey and Vince adopted two boys, Jack and Grant.

"I don't feel like I missed out, said Stacey. "I am so happy, and I feel like our children were meant to be with us and that we were meant to be a family.

Vince feels the same. "I feel like we were meant to be parents, whether or not it was our biological child."

For our FOX43 Focal Point: Infertility, Lynda Weed also attended a mom and baby workout class in Lancaster County.

The mama's in the group are strong, emotionally and physically. The group is called Fit4Mom.

Meredith Torres is a Fit4Mom co-owner. "We are all moms here. There are so many struggles that go along with being a mom and we like to think that everybody takes care of each other here."

The class for mom and baby offers support to mom, postpartum mom and women who want to grow their family, but can’t.

Melissa Finkey is a Fit4Mom instructor and also struggles with infertility.

"After 3 years of struggling, we decided to do IVF and give it our best shot."

Melissa is raising two children that were both born out of love and IVF treatments. She would love to have a third, but knows financially that it is not an option right now.

"Our first one was $20,000. Our second one we got a deal because it was a frozen embryo. That was a bit cheaper."

Melissa and the other mom’s push their strollers daily at the workout class. They say it helps them stay in shape while working on their emotional well being.

The struggle surrounding infertility can have a huge impact on the home life. You need to keep an eye on your marriage during this time.

Polly Rost is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and says don’t be afraid to ask for help before calling it quits.

"It doesn’t matter if we are arguing about who didn’t pick up what item at the grocery store, or not bringing in the mail. Those kinds of trivial issues can simply be resolved."

Rost meets with couples who say they have reached their breaking point. Most of the time she says husband and wife are stressed about not being able to conceive and the high cost of infertility treatments.

"It is a scientifically driven treatment that is filled with intense emotion. Folks adapt and acclimate to all of the medical interventions which will exasperate the depression of feelings and anxiety. this is fear of loss and inadequacy."

Rost also wants to remind family members of couples trying to conceive to keep watch for unusual behavior. She says if they are sleeping for long periods of time, skipping showers and avoiding social gatherings, that it’s time to seek professional help.

THURSDAY (9/26/2019) ON FOX43 News at 10:00PM

Lynda Weed will explain an Egg-Freezing option for women who are not ready to have a family yet. This will give women the option to preserve their eggs for future use.



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