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Fireworks 101 with Keystone Fireworks

EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, Pa–This morning FOX43’s Chris Garrett spoke with Brian C. Shaub, President, Keystone Fireworks. Everyone is gearing up with ...

EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, Pa--This morning FOX43's Chris Garrett spoke with Brian C. Shaub, President, Keystone Fireworks. Everyone is gearing up with fireworks for the holiday and we have some tips for you and family.

What can I Buy as a Pennsylvania Resident? - You won’t find mortars, Roman candles, firecrackers and other aerial fireworks at a temporary tent location.  Why not?  Pennsylvania residents have seen recent changes in the fireworks law.  In 2018, Pennsylvanians were able to celebrate using aerial fireworks for the first time.  While the full line of consumer fireworks – including missiles, rockets and firecrackers – could only be sold from permanent licensed facilities, some aerial items and Roman candles were allowed to be sold from temporary locations such as tents.  That has changed.  A court decision overturned the portion of the law that allowed the sale of any aerial items from temporary locations, citing the fact that temporary tents aren’t held to the same level of safety and security standards that exist in permanent buildings that are licensed to sell fireworks.

Safety measures during your fireworks display.

Children Should Not Handle Fireworks
NEVER let children handle, play with or light any fireworks. Only responsible adults should handle and light the fireworks.

Do not Use Alcohol With Fireworks
Don’t consume alcohol while lighting fireworks. Fireworks must be used only by individuals who act in a responsible manner and who are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Follow the Laws
Follow your local and state laws regarding the possession and use of fireworks, and use good common sense when using fireworks.

New Products for 2019.

Click to see some of the new fireworks for 2019.

For more information about fireworks and firework safety, checkout out Keystone Fireworks website at: https://keystonefireworks.com