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Election hearing to be held Thursday afternoon, focusing on voter registration

This will be the third of a dozen election related hearings being held by the PA House State Government Committee, chaired by State Rep. Seth Grove of York County
National voter registration day in Lancaster

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Thursday afternoon, the PA House State Government Committee, chaired by State Rep. Seth Grove of York County, will hold a hearing regarding Pennsylvania's election system. It's the third of a dozen hearings being held now through May. Rep. Grove says, it's about going step by step in the election process and finding out what's working and what's not. 

Today's hearing will be held at one, and focus on voter registration. Rep. Grove says, the idea to hold this series of hearings came after November's election where three voting reforms were passed by the General Assembly, there was a lot of new guidance from the Dept. of State, and litigation that made its way to the PA Supreme Court. 

Rep. Grove says, these hearings are also about getting county election offices involved. He says right now, all 67 counties have different processes in place for how they conduct elections. The hearings give them a chance to discuss what they see as strengths and weaknesses in our election process. 

"Some of the mistakes in the past is we didn't talk to counties, we didn't get their input, we are flipping that script," said Rep. Grove. "You as county directors have to deal with what we do in these policies. Obviously, there's changes you want to see. Lets have discussions about this before we go full bar and do more election reforms."  

Other topics for the hearings include voting machines, mail-in ballots, and a look at how other states hold their elections. Throughout these hearings, there will also be testimony from Secretaries of States nearby to learn about their election processes as well. 

After all these hearings are over, Rep. Grove says, he will look at introducing new legislation to update the state's election code. 

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