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Dr. Oz makes his way through Central Pa. ahead of midterm elections

The U.S. Senate candidate touts conservative values, while Pa. Democrats criticize alleged financial disclosure violation

LEBANON, Pa. — On Thursday, Dr. Mehmet Oz joined local supporters for a campaign event at the Red-Headed League in Lebanon. 

With the midterm elections just three months away and a recent FOX News poll favoring Democratic candidate John Fetterman by 11-points, Dr. Oz is hoping to close the gap.

“I’m very excited about the campaign," said Dr. Oz. "We are going to win. Lebanon County is a good reason why.”

Dr. Oz chastised Fetterman throughout the event, saying he’s incapable of addressing economic issues facing Pennsylvanians.

“Once Pennsylvania find out how radical John Fetterman is, they're not going to want that," argued Oz. "They want someone who stands for values of our commonwealth and knows what the people desire.”

Beyond inflation and the economy, abortion has been a hot-button issue nationwide, as Kansas recently voted to maintain abortion rights in the state. While positioning himself as a pro-life Republican, Dr. Oz trusts voters to make their own choice about abortion in Pa.

“As a United States Senator, part of my job is to make sure that Pennsylvania can make its own decision about abortion," said Oz. "I trust local people to run their own health and have their values reflected in Harrisburg.”

John Fetterman has routinely criticized Dr. Oz for not being a legitimate Pennsylvania resident and says he would help take away abortion rights.

Pennsylvania Democrats are also alleging Dr. Oz violated financial disclosure laws, saying he failed to disclose income from the sale of two properties and did not disclose ownership of a New Jersey condo.

Dr. Oz says the claims are frivolous.

“They’re trying to muddy the water," said Dr. Oz. "What’s afflicting Pennsylvanians: the murder rate in Philadelphia, the high inflation, the cost of gas going through the roof that’s affecting our farmers, these are the topics that people wanna talk about, kitchen table topics.”

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