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'The Modern Milkman' delivering milk, other goods to your door in Lancaster County

Daryl Mast and his wife created Doorstep Dairy in Terre Hill, Lancaster County a decade ago. Now, business is booming amid the COVID-19 crisis.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Even though grocery stores are still open, if you live in Lancaster, Chester or Berks counties, Doorstep Dairy will deliver milk and other goods right to your door. 

"Our whole idea was to create a new market for the local ag community," Daryl Mast, owner of Doorstep Dairy said.

They've been in business for about a decade or so, delivering goods mostly to wholesalers and restaurants, with the door-to-door delivery to families being more limited. However, as the COVID-19 crisis settled on Central Pennsylvania, personal sales boomed.

"The demand for home delivery, we were not prepared for it," Mast said. "Within a week's time, our home delivery started to grow."

Right now, Doorstep is delivering goods to over 300 families on a weekly basis. There is currently a waiting list. But, as more supplies come in to the company, they'll serve more families.

The products come from local farms and growers.

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"We're able to move more of their product now than ever before," Mast said.

Benefiting the local economy, Doorstep has brought some work to those who's business had slowed due to restaurants not being open and more. In fact, the company may soon look to hire more drivers as more supplies come in and out.

Mast noted they're bringing back that old school feel, a familiar distant memory to many in the area.

"[They're hearing] stories about their milkman when they were a kid. Feels good to get out there and give a thumbs up to the guy in the window, maybe helping some little kids make a memory" Mast said.

And they're making memories with their customers as well, delivering each week.

"There's those folks that take a real interest in how we're doing," Mast said--bringing the nickname, 'The Modern Milkman' to Lancaster County and more.

For more information on Doorstep Dairy, you can visit their website.