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Ta Ta Rebels Inc. kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with survivor fundraiser

The organization assists breast cancer survivors with ongoing medical costs even after they complete treatments.

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. — Ta Ta Rebels Inc. is the only organization in Pennsylvania that assists breast cancer survivors with ongoing medical costs associated with their diagnosis even after they complete treatments.

The nonprofit helps with copays and deductibles for survivors after they "ring the bell" and are considered in remission. They also help patients purchase durable medical equipment such as prostheses, custom bras, and compression sleeves.

To kick off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ta Ta Rebels hosted Survivors Raise Hope, an annual fundraiser to further their mission. 

“For the beginning of October, being breast cancer month, we want to raise survivorship awareness because once you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, that’s the goal, to become a survivor,” Kim Ramirez, breast cancer survivor and founder of Ta Ta Rebels, said.

The Oct. 1 fundraiser featured a DJ, food, and raffles. All proceeds went towards continuing to support survivors.

At least five local biker groups attended.

The event was slated to start with a 45-minute motorcycle ride from the Elizabethtown American Legion to Middletown Anglers and Hunters, where the festivities took place in an outdoor pavilion. 

Although some participants did arrive on their bikes, the organized ride was canceled due to rainy conditions.

This was Ta Ta Rebels' sixth annual Survivors Raise Hope event. They are dedicated to promoting survivorship awareness.

“Breast cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence, so just make sure that they realize and understand that survivors raise hope, we’re here, we’re your hope,” Ramirez said.

Two survivors delivered remarks on the choices that a breast cancer survivor must navigate after diagnosis, such as treatments, surgeries, and reconstruction.

Ramirez estimates that the funds raised at the event will help about 70 women.

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