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Swatara Police help surprise young fan with new puppy

K9 Officer Kix and his handler visited a 7-year-old boy named Atticus Sunday and helped his family deliver Zero, a new furry friend
Credit: Swatara Township Police
Young Atticus, 7, receives a new German Shepherd puppy named Zero during a visit from Swatara Township Police K9 Officer Kix and his handler over the weekend.

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — Members of the Swatara Township Police Department  were part of a nice surprise for a 7-year-old boy in their jurisdiction over the weekend.

The boy, named Atticus, hopes to become a police officer someday, the department said. He got a surprise visit from Officer Scott Gibson and K9 Officer Kix on Sunday. which was exciting enough for any fan of police officers, dogs, or both.

But Gibson and Kix were also part of an even bigger surprise for Atticus, helping his family present him with a new best friend -- a new German Shepherd puppy named Zero.

"Our officers were so happy to be part of this surprise," the department said. "And we wish Atticus and his family years of happiness with Zero.

"Perhaps someday, Atticus, we will see you on the force!"