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Susquehanna Township High School closed Thursday due to 'substantial' clean up from alleged senior prank

According to social media posts, some students hid inside the building overnight and performed acts of vandalism requiring "substantial clean up," officials said.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A central Pennsylvania high school was closed on Thursday after a senior prank caused a "substantial clean up," the school district said.

The Susquehanna Township School District announced Thursday morning that the school would be closed, both to ensure the building could be cleaned up and "out of an abundance of caution."

According to reports being circulated on social media, a group of senior students at the high school hid inside the building following Awards Night ceremonies and vandalized the school. 

Due to the substantial amount of clean-up required at the high school, the school district said it would close the building for in-person learning and other events.

“We have assessed the building and the damage is all surface level," said Dr. Tamara Willis, STSD Superintendent of Schools. "There has been no damage to infrastructure. We are accustomed to senior pranks that have been confined to an isolated area of the building. However, this prank was widespread and will require several hours of clean up. 

"A part of the administration’s response to address this behavior will be to require student participants to assist with the cleanup.”  

The school district said it would reopen for in-person learning services and regularly scheduled activities on Friday, May 26. 

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