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Park Harrisburg announces rate increase for metered parking spaces

Hourly metered parking rates will increase from $3 to $4 in the Capital Building District and from $1.50 to $2 per hour in the non-CBD area, effective August 2.
Harrisburg Parking Meters

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Starting Monday, hourly rates for park Harrisburg designated parking areas  will increase from $3 to $4 per hour in the capital business district and from $1.50 to $2 per hour in the non-capital business district.

The increase was going to be implemented in mid-2020 but was put on hold due to Covid-19.   

Some people believe this is unnecessary, especially as we just start coming out of a pandemic.

"I think it's ridiculous. We're paying a lot of money right now for all this parking for people to come and enjoy themselves," said Miguel Andujar. 

"It's unnecessary and it's uncalled for. It doesn't help any business in this area," said said Stefan Hawkins, the owner of Good Brothas Good Cafe. 

Park Harrisburg says the increase will provide additional revenue to cover both current and future expenses of the system.

The meter rate increase has been under discussion for several years  and they say the increase is in line with the original 2013 projections.

"When I do come out I have to pay four dollars just to hang around and I might just be down here you know 30 minutes. It definitely doesn't make sense, an extra dollar, an extra dollar two times a week, an extra dollar three times a week, you know, that adds up over time," said Hawkins. 

Park Harrisburg says when rates increased in 2014, there was similar concern that people might not want to come to downtown, but over time, they say the rate increase was accepted.  

They add that the free parking from 5-7 program set up by the County, City and Harrisburg DID, has been a useful approach to providing parking for businesses and restaurants.

And Miguel Andujar believes this will not stop people from coming to downtown

"No, people enjoy town. people like town no matter, even if they have to walk," said Andujar. 

It will soon cost a little more to park in downtown Harrisburg.

Park Harrisburg announced Monday that hourly metered parking rates will increase from $3 to $4 in the Capital Building District and from $1.50 to $2 per hour in the non-CBD area.

The new rates will go into effect on Monday, August 2, Park Harrisburg said.

Parking zone information is available on www.parkharrisburg.com

“This is the first meter rate increase since Park Harrisburg assumed responsibility for specified metered parking spaces and garages from the City of Harrisburg and Harrisburg Parking Authority in 2013,” said John Gass, Managing Director with PK Harris Advisors, the asset management company for the parking system. “The new rates, reflecting a 3% increase over a 10-year period, have been under consideration for some time to provide sufficient cash flow to maintain expenses associated with the parking system.”

In 2013, Park Harrisburg purchased spaces and garages from the City of Harrisburg and the Harrisburg Parking Authority. Proceeds from a $286MM bond issues were used toward obligations and expenses that enabled the City’s exit from receivership.

Individual meter reprogramming is scheduled to take place during the week of August 2nd to reflect the new rates, Park Harrisburg said.

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