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Lake Tobias is reviewing animal safety measures after death of llama struck by safari tour bus

A witness said the accident occurred during a guided safari bus tour of the Dauphin County wildlife park last Saturday.
Credit: WPMT
Lake Tobias Wildlife Park open-air safari

HALIFAX, Pa. — A Lake Tobias spokesperson said the wildlife park is reviewing animal safety measures after the death of a llama that witnesses say was struck by a bus during a recent safari tour.

A witness contacted FOX43 to report the incident, which occurred last Saturday at the Dauphin County attraction.

The witness said the accident occurred after the safari bus made its first stop on a guided tour of the grounds so that visitors aboard the vehicle could see the llamas and alpacas.

After the bus began moving again, the witness said, there was "an unusual bump." The witness looked back and saw that the bus had run over a llama, which appeared to be seriously injured. The witness said she and others aboard the bus tried to alert the bus driver to what had happened, but the bus continued moving for a short distance.

Once the bus stopped, a zookeeper was notified and the tour continued, the witness said.

The witness said she later complained to Lake Tobias management and was told the park would "re-evaluate the chains under the bus to deter the animals."

In a statement to the media, a spokesperson for Lake Tobias called the accident "an unfortunate incident" and said staff at the family-owned wildlife park "are greatly saddened by the loss."

Park management is working to ensure that such an accident does not occur again, the spokesperson said.

The full statement from Lake Tobias is as follows.

"During a recent safari tour at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, an unfortunate incident occurred when a young llama was injured and latter succumbed to its injury.  According to a park spokesperson, park management is currently working on ensuring that such an accident does not happen again. As is true with all animal owners, losing an animal in ones care can be devastating. Understandably, the LakeTobias family, tour guides, and zookeepers are greatly saddened by the loss of one of their wildlife inhabitants."

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