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Two Central PA restaurants vow to remain open despite suspension of food licenses for offering indoor dining

Fay's Country Kitchen and Taste of Sicily both had their licenses suspended for offering indoor dining in defiance of state COVID-19 regulations
Credit: Restaurant Facebook Pages

Two Central Pennsylvania restaurants announced their intentions to remain open despite the suspension of their food licenses by the Wolf administration for offering indoor dining, which is not permitted while their counties are in the "yellow" phase of the state's COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

Fay's Country Kitchen in Carlisle, Cumberland County, and Taste of Sicily in Palmyra, Lebanon County, both posted statements on their Facebook pages this week after receiving notices from the state that their licenses were suspended.

Fay's County Kitchen announced it was offering indoor dining on May 21, when Cumberland County was moved into the "yellow" phase. 

On Thursday, the restaurant made another announcement after learning its food license had been suspended.

"Today we received notice that our food license suspension has gone into effect," the post said. "First and foremost we Thank all of you for your support this far. We enjoy seeing so many familiar faces, and all the new ones! With that said, we will continue to exercise our constitutional rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness. The Governor's edicts and proclamations are in every way unconstitutional. WE WILL REMAIN OPEN!!!!! EVERYDAY 7AM-2PM! Going forward we will continue to do everything we have been doing to keep our customers and employees safe, and we ask that you continue to do the same. Again, THANK YOU, HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!"

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Taste of Sicily announced it was opening for indoor and outdoor dining on May 15. 

The restaurant posted on Facebook Wednesday that its food license had been suspended.

"Today, Taste Of Sicily was issued a suspension of our Food License!" the post said. "I think what bothered me most was that it was done just a few feet away from a couple who came in to support us. The way it was delivered, fits the classlessness of Mr. Wolf and R. Levine. I immediately called my Attorney and he asked me how I wanted to proceed, and I YELLED AND SAID I AM STAYING OPEN AND WE ARE GONNA FIGHT!!! 

"Wolf and Levine DO NOT INTIMIDATE ME AND I WILL FIGHT UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED. THE LAST TIME I CHECKED, I BELIEVE MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE STATED THAT I WAS BORN IN THE U.S.A.,SO...I AM GOING TO EXERCISE MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! This is no disrespect to Authority, but when you tell me I have no right to put food on my table... THAN WE HAVE A MAJOR ISSUE! I want to THANK ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE FAITHFULLY SUPPORTED Taste Of Sicily. Business is growing and I am meeting some of the most amazing people ever. 

"I cannot fail to mention the AMAZING SUPPORT OF OUR LEADERS IN LEBANON COUNTY..Senator David Arnold... my friend you are AMAZING! Our Commissioner William Ames, Frank Ryan, Russ Diamond, District Attorney Graf! I LOVE YOU ALL. You all always make time for me and I truly appreciate that! Taste Of Sicily patrons, you are why we are here! So many of you keep telling me to stay in the fight, and my friends... WE ARE GONNA CONTINUE TO STAY OPEN AND OFFER INDOOR DINING. 

"Countless emails, and calls,and prayers that you have all provided are HEARTFELT. Justin Snyder, I will never forget your loyalty to our family! There are SO MANY SUPPORTERS!! What an Army Taste Of Sicily is surrounded with!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! WE LOVE YOU ALL AND WE WILL PREVAIL."

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