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Pennsylvania has 8 puppy breeders, dealers in annual Humane Society 'Horrible Hundred' report

Of the eight Pennsylvania kennels listed in the report, six are from central Pennsylvania, including four from Lancaster County, the Humane Society said.

LANCASTER, Pa. — Pennsylvania ranks among the worst states cited in the Humane Society's annual "Horrible Hundred" report, which lists 100 problem puppy breeders and dealers across the U.S. 

The Humane Society of the United States publishes the report annually "to warn consumers about common problems at puppy mills, and to promote enhanced laws and stronger humane law enforcement," the organization said.

With eight problem breeders listed among the Humane Society's "Horrible Hundred" for 2023, Pennsylvania has the fourth-highest total in the U.S.

Missouri had the highest total number of "problem" breeders and dealers in the U.S. for the 11th straight year, the Humane Society said. The Show Me State has 31 breeders listed in this year's report. 

Ohio and Iowa tied for second with 13 each. Georgia and New York, with six breeders listed, are directly behind Pennsylvania in the annual report.

Of the eight breeders and dealers from Pennsylvania listed on the "Horrible Hundred" report, six are from central Pennsylvania—including four from Lancaster County.

Here's how the Humane Society describes each central Pa. breeder/dealer on its "Horrible Hundred" list:

Little Puppies Online LLC, aka Pennsylvania Puppies Online

The Red Lion, York County-based puppy seller is linked to a multi-state and online presence, according to the Humane Society. Little Puppies Online received a verbal and written warning for cramped conditions; some caged puppies could not stand up fully, turn freely or sit down in a normal position. 

During a September 2022 state inspection, the Little Puppies Online kennel received a warning for several issues, including some cages containing puppies who were so cramped that they could not turn, stand erect or sit and lie down normally, the Humane Society claims.

At the time, there were over 100 puppies on the premises, according to the Humane Society.

The Ohio location of Little Puppies Online is licensed as a retail puppy store in Ohio, and the operation also has a presence in Georgia, Indiana and Florida. Its Maryland location closed after it was found operating in violation of the state’s humane pet store law; Maryland’s attorney general fined the LLC in August 2022, and it could owe up to $250,000 if conditions of the settlement agreement are violated. 

The Pennsylvania kennel still bears the same phone number as the now-shuttered Maryland business, the Humane Society claims.

This is the third time Little Paws or one of its affiliates have appeared in the "Horrible Hundred" report, according to the Humane Society.

Blissful Paws

Based in New Providence, Lancaster County, Blissful Paws received three state-issued citations in less than 10 months, the Humane Society claims.

During inspections in May 2022, September 2022 and March 2023, state authorities found multiple violations at Blissful Paws and issued citations each time. 

Some of the issues included matted dogs, unsanitary conditions and a failure to keep up with regular veterinary examinations. 

The kennel also received a verbal and written warning from the state in early 2022. 

Working German Shepherds

Located in Newville, Cumberland County, the kennel "has violated the Pennsylvania dog laws for more than a decade," the Humane Society claims. 

When state inspectors gave a verbal and written warning to the facility in December 2022, it was just one of many warnings, citations or violations Working German Shepherds has accumulated since at least 2010, according to the Humane Society. 

The warning was due to issues such as several dogs who had inadequate protection from the cold. Inspectors also found a lack of proper vaccination documents and other records. 

Prior issues have included chronic veterinary concerns as well as operating without the proper license. The kennel owner also has a history of criminal infractions, including failure to keep a kennel in sanitary and humane condition (2010, guilty plea); operating a kennel without a license (2010, guilty plea); and a 2017 guilty plea for failing to keep a kennel in sanitary and humane conditions. 

This is the sixth time the kennel has appeared in the "Horrible Hundred," according to the Humane Society.

Stephen King/Steve's Kennels

Located in Lancaster, Steve's Kennels received two written and verbal warnings within less than three months. 

Between late June and early September 2022, state inspectors issued two verbal and written warnings to Steve’s Kennels. The issues were related to unsanitary conditions, such as water bowls with greenish growth on them and excess feces, and unsafe housing that could hurt the dogs. 

Turkey Hill Kennel

Located in East Earl, Lancaster County, the kennel has been instructed at least 10 times to have veterinary checks on dogs since 2010. 

The year 2022 was at least the seventh year that Turkey Hill Kennel was ordered by state inspectors to have veterinary checks done on an unspecified number of dogs, and there were 10 separate instances in all, the Humane Society claims.

There were almost 100 dogs on the property at the most recent available inspection. Issues found in prior years included dogs housed in dark and filthy conditions with poor air quality. 

This is Turkey Hill Kennel's fifth appearance in the "Horrible Hundred" report, the Humane Society says.

Oak Ridge Kennel

Located in Manheim, Lancaster County, Oak Ridge Kennel received two verbal and written warnings and two citations from state inspectors in less than nine months, according to the Humane Society.

State inspectors found violations at four different inspections of Oak Ridge Kennel between August 2022 and March 2023, and issued two verbal and written warnings as well as two citations on different dates. 

The issues included a dog with a neck lesion that looked like it had been there “for some time,” repeated issues with some dogs kept in cages that were too small and unsanitary conditions with an accumulation of dust, dirt and dead bugs.

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