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York man facing charges after juveniles strike his vehicle with a stick

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A group of juveniles allege a man threatened them with a firearm after they accidentally struck his vehicle with a stick. On June 1 an ...
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YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A group of juveniles allege a man threatened them with a firearm after they accidentally struck his vehicle with a stick.

On June 1 an officer was dispatched to 1850 Ivy Pump Lane in York City, where eight juveniles were waiting to tell authorities what had happened.

Two juveniles said they were throwing sticks at each other ,while the group walked down Derry Road, when they accidentally hit a passing vehicle in the area of Loman Avenue.

The vehicle they struck was a purple Chevy Cavalier.

The juveniles said the vehicle continued down the road but then turned around and started approaching them. They said they knew they had struck the vehicle with the small stick so they got scared and ran away from the approaching Chevy.

The two juveniles said they ended up on Thelon Drive where they saw the purple Chevy Cavalier pull up to a residence and watched the driver walk into the home. They scattered and ran away again.

Two other juveniles told the responding officer they were walking together on Ivy Pump Lane when the purple Chevy Cavalier pulled up beside them. They described the driver of the vehicle as an older white man with a mustache and wearing glasses. They said the man started yelling at them and then he allegedly extended a black firearm out the window, pointed it at them and said “BOW!”

One of the juveniles took off running and the other juvenile said he put his hands up and started apologizing to the driver even though he had not been the one who hit his vehicle. He said the man lowered the weapon and put it back inside the vehicle, then the juvenile went up to the car, shook hands with the driver and apologized again.

The juvenile said he saw the all black handgun inside the vehicle so he slowly backed away with his hands raised and then the man sped off.

Police say that while one officer was at the scene with the juveniles, other responding units located the purple Chevy Cavalier at 1920 Thelon Drive, and an officer spoke with 55-year-old Kevin Livingston, who matched the description of the driver.

According to police reports Livingston admitted to being involved and said that a group of kids had hit his vehicle and he didn’t want to let them get away with it. He told police that he was going to confront them initially but then they ran away from him which made him angrier and he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Livingston said he saw two juveniles run towards his house so he followed them. Police say Livingston said he felt threatened by the juveniles and decided to stop at his house to retrieve his gun before resuming his search for them. When he came across the two juveniles on Ivy Pump Lane he said he confronted them but allegedly didn’t brandish the gun outside the vehicle.

After additional questioning police say Livingston admitted to having possibly held the gun outside the vehicle but he said it was not loaded and that he didn’t even have any ammunition.

With consent from Livingston, West Manchester Township Police Department located the gun at the location where Livingston said he had stored it when he got back home. Police identified the black gun as a Springfield .40 caliber handgun and seized it as evidence.

Livingston is being charged with simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and harassment by communication.