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“We’re really excited,” Comedian Jon Stewart’s wife says about adopting Lily the horse

KENNETT SQUARE, CHESTER COUNTY, Pa.– Lily has a new owner. Comedian Jon Stewart’s wife, Tracey, adopted Lily. “We’re really excited,R...

KENNETT SQUARE, CHESTER COUNTY, Pa.-- Lily has a new owner. Comedian Jon Stewart's wife, Tracey, adopted Lily.

"We're really excited," Stewart said. "She's going to have a beautiful life."

Lily was left abandoned in March at a horse auction in New Holland, Lancaster County. Lancaster County SPCA officials believe she was headed for slaughter.

She was taken to the Penn Vet New Bolton Center Animal Hospital. She then went to a nearby center to for rehab.

"She is very, very sweet. It's honestly one of the sweetest horses I've ever seen," Stewart said.

Stewart heard about Lily through Farm Sanctuary. They asked her to adopt Lily. She checked with her husband Jon, and they agreed to adopt her.

Jon and Tracey Stewart recently partnered with Farm Sanctuary, an organization that works to change how our society views and treats farm animals. Tracey Stewart said she hopes to have their facility ready to go by spring of next year. This is where Lily will eventually go. Right now, she is going to an undisclosed location to have some privacy.

"She's going to do whatever she wants all day," Stewart said.

Lily gained about 150 pounds since we last saw her. In March, she was underweight and covered in paint. She now will have to take ointment for her eye and be on a eating plan to maintain her health.

"Not anything too crazy," Penn Vet New Bolton Center Dr. Nicole Scherrer said. "Just kind of things that you have to do with older animals."

While in recovery, Lily made friends with another horse, Anita. Both horses have lost an eye. Since they get along, the Stewarts adopted both horses.

Stewart said jokingly, "It's actually covering up my hoarding."

She said she believes changes will be coming to animal cruelty laws.

"I think Lily's story will be a big part of telling why that's so necessary and important," Stewart said.

Her Facebook page, The Daily Squeal, will have updates on Lily. The updates will start in the summer.

The Lancaster County District Attorney's office has filed charges into the man who transported Lily. They are still investigating more of the case.


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