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Snakes, cash stolen in pet store burglary

LEBANON CO., PA(WPMT) An overnight burglary at a Lebanon County pet store.  It was discovered at about 8:43 am Wednesday at the Pawz N Clawz pet store, 528 E. P...
Snakes, cash stolen in pet store burglary

Township Police say an unknown person or persons got into the store and stole two small snakes and some cash. The snakes are a small ball python and a small albino red tip boa.

The store owners desperately would like to have the snakes back. They posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

“Thank you to the criminals who burglarized our establishment last night. As upset as we are for your thoughtful theft of our Albino Ball Python and the Albino Red Tail Boa, we are not as upset as the wonderful customers who had actually already purchased these two beautiful snakes as Christmas presents for their now extremely upset family. We are willing to have a no questions asked no charges filed for the safe unharmed return of these two so the families that are expecting them may still enjoy them. You may even keep the money you stole out of the cash register….Merry Christmas.”

Anyone with information on the burglary is asked to call North Cornwall Township Police at (717) 274-0464,