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Shady Maple prepares 3-foot Whoopie Pie, for a good cause

LANCASTER, Pa.– If the original Whoopie Pie doesn’t satisfy your cravings and your looking for something bigger– look no further than Shady Ma...

LANCASTER, Pa.-- If the original Whoopie Pie doesn't satisfy your cravings and your looking for something bigger-- look no further than Shady Maple.

Shady Maple is getting ready for their Whoopie Pie Festival in September, and will be auctioning off several 3-foot Whoopie Pies!

The money raised in the auction will go to support a local charity. Shady Maple will be announcing which charity very soon, as well as more information regarding their Whoopie Pie Festival. The most recent 3-foot Whoopie Pie they auctioned off, wen't for $1,000.

Managers at Shady Maple say it took a lot of trial and error to make the perfect 3-foot Whoopie Pie, but now they have it down to a science!

The Retail Bakery Manager, Pat Doughty, says it's important to make sure the layer of filling is completely flat and even, otherwise it will cause the top layer of the cake to crack and crumble.

The filling alone for the 3-foot Whoopie Pie is about nine pounds and he total weight of the entire Whoopie Pie is about 33 pounds.

Their Whoopie Pie Festival will kick off the third week in September, with the main day of events on September, 21. Shady Maple will soon be releasing more information about the festival on their website.

Doughty says in 2018, Shady Maple sold roughly 55,000 Whoopie Pies! If the 3-Foot Whoopie Pie isn't for you, don't worry because they come in different sizes and flavors!

Shady Maple is open from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information you can visit their website.

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