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Second victim accuses Lancaster County doctor of sexual assault; his lawyers are seeking other potential victims

LANCASTER COUNTY — At least one other person has come forward to provide allegations of sexual assault by a Lancaster County doctor who was charged last w...

LANCASTER COUNTY -- At least one other person has come forward to provide allegations of sexual assault by a Lancaster County doctor who was charged last week with having inappropriate contact with a male patient during an exam earlier this year, according to the attorneys who say they represent "several clients" accusing him of sexual assault.

Dr. William Vollmar was arrested and charged with indecent assault last week after a Lancaster County man accused him of having inappropriate contact with him during a deep tissue massage at a clinic in Quarryville. The man had initially made an appointment to have Vollmar examine his injured ankle, he said.

Attorneys Brian Kent and Guy D'Andrea of Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP in Philadelphia, said they are representing the victim in a press release Tuesday.

Kent and D'Andrea say they, along with attorney Tom Malone of the Philadelphia-based Malone Firm, LLC, are representing "several clients" who are accusing Vollmar of sexual assault.

The attorneys say the alleged sexual assaults occurred while various young men, who wish to remain anonymous, on separate occasions, obtained medical treatment from Vollmar.

"Vollmar abused his position of power and trust when he allegedly sexually assaulted these young men," the attorneys said in a press release. "Doctor Vollmar was apparently known to perform unnecessary genital exams of young boys throughout various school districts of Pequea Valley and Lampeter-Strasburg, and possibly others."

Kent and D'Andrea say they accompanied one client, whom they identified as Victim No. 1, to the Pennsylvania State Police barracks to report the alleged sexual assault. Victim No. 1's allegations led to Vollmar's arrest on charges of indecent assault on April 10.

“Hopefully from this point forward, there can be or will be no other victims who are victimized,” said D'Andrea.

Shortly after Volmar's arrest, Kent, D'Andrea, and Malone say, a second male victim, represented by Malone, came forward and provided a statement to police accusing Vollmar of assaulting him.

"Vollmar had access to countless numbers of young males through his partnership, association, and affiliation as a physician with the Pequea Valley School District, Middletown Area School District, Lampeter-Strasburg School District, and Conestoga Valley High School, as well as his employment with the medical practice of Stephen G. Diamantoni, M.D. who is the Lancaster County coroner," the attorneys said in the press release.

Vollmar has resigned his position with the Middletown Area School District, the district told parents in a letter on April 11.

Shortly after his arrest, State Police said they were seeking additional information on Vollmar.

Kent, D'Andrea and Malone allege that Vollmar's sexual assaults "began a long time ago, and involved victims as young as 13 years old."

They say that when Vollmar became a doctor at Conestoga Valley High School, he ran a "study" where examined athletes who were not injured.

"The study looked at the connection between Achilles tendon flexibility and knee injuries," the attorneys said. "It also involved determining where the athletes were in terms of puberty. Vollmar examined the genitals of each athlete to make this determination."

The attorneys representing Vollmar's alleged victims are urging others who may have been sexually assaulted by Vollmar to come forward.

“It’s not just a specific age group, it’s not just one location. The amount of access this doctor had to juveniles, to young adults, thousands of people. Thousands of people he had access to and who know how many potential victims are out there,” said D'Andrea.

A spokesperson for the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office said there have been no additional charges filed against Vollmar, at this point.

"We continue to actively investigate and collect information. Our Sexual Assault Unit is in constant contact with the Pennsylvania State Police. As we previously stated, we would like to hear from anyone who believes they have information law-enforcement should be aware of. Vollmar’s work would have brought him in contact with many people, including juveniles, so we want to make sure we have as much information as possible. He is presumed innocent," said Brett Hambright with the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office, in an email.

D'Andrea said their group is also seeking further information regarding Vollmar's case.

"People can call the law firm’s hotline at 855-382-3385 if they have more information about Vollmar of if they have been victimized themselves," the attorneys said.