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Road work continues around Accomac Road in York County

HELLAM TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY— It’s been a long couple of weeks for Accomac Shores resident Steven Dinnocenti. Heavy rainfall during the first weeken...

HELLAM TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY--- It's been a long couple of weeks for Accomac Shores resident Steven Dinnocenti.

Heavy rainfall during the first weekend of September washed away parts of Accomac Road and River Drive.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation crews have been working to bring some semblance of a road back for residents like Dinnocenti.

He said they've had trouble getting to their home several days over the last two weeks.

They've had to park their car on the other end of the hillside neighborhood and trek a little under a mile with groceries, laundry and other items just to get home.

However, he said they're starting to see life come, somewhat, back to normal.

"We're literally a week later and the roads been reopened. Their putting a temporary bridge here in to open up River [Drive] temporary so they're working really hard," said Dinnocenti.

When Accomac Road is open, it's only for "local residents only" with a weight restriction.

Dinnocenti says that's been a challenge for everyone from home construction workers to propane carriers.

"No one knows who can come down the hill or not come down the hill and if they do, sometimes they're getting stopped and say you can't because you're not a local," said Dinnocenti.

In the face of the adversity, Dinnocenti said neighbors are lending a hand, whenever they can.

He said people have opened their driveways, cleared pathways to walk and shared refrigerator space with generator power.

"They really showed that they care about one another and I think that's the great thing about mankind. Their human nature came forward during a disaster like this," said Dinnocenti.

PennDOT officials said Thursday they are completing pipework on River Drive.

Accomac Road was closed again at 4 p.m. Thursday as they work to reinforce a 20-30 foot stretch of the road. (UPDATE 10:20 P.M: Accomac Road will be closed Friday as repair work continues at 6:30 a.m., PennDOT officials say. The road is anticipated to be open early Friday afternoon. Also, River Drive opened around 7 p.m. Thursday.)

FYI -- River Drive opened around 7 p.m. The contractor plans to close and start working on Accomac Road at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 14). We anticipate reopening Accomac Road early Friday afternoon. – Greg Penny

"The contractor will work as long as they have sufficient daylight; but for safety reasons, [they] will not work during the night," said Greg Penny with PennDOT.

Accomac Road is expected to reopen as a single lane for local residents and a weight restriction by early Friday afternoon.

The road is directed with temporary traffic signals.

Penny said there is paving work that needs to be done on both Accomac Road and River Drive but expect that work to start next week.