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President of Maple Donuts responds to York Mayor pulling police lip sync challenge video

YORK, Pa. — A York City police lip sync challenge video was pulled by the Mayor because he doesn’t want the police department associated with one of...

YORK, Pa. -- A York City police lip sync challenge video was pulled by the Mayor because he doesn't want the police department associated with one of the video sponsors, Maple Donuts.

The video was supposed to play at the York Revolution baseball game Saturday night as part of a fundraiser for the York Police Department. It didn't happen because the Mayor, Michael Helfrich, pulled it. He told Fox 43 this isn't a political issue, but the president of Maple Donuts said he's turning it into one.

You might have seen the advertisements for Maple Donuts in the past. Some of them are known for stirring attention with social issues and political slogans.

"I am pro-Trump. I support the president of the United States. And I support Scott Wagner running for governor of Pennsylvania," Charles F. Burnside, the president of Maple Donuts, said. "And if I can't express that, then there's something wrong with this country."

Several weeks ago, the York City Police started organizing a lip sync challenge video. The plan was to have them chase after a donut truck, while highlighting exciting places throughout the City. But the day before it was supposed to air at the Revs stadium, Mayor Helfrich decided to pull it.

"The email went out to the departments telling them what all was going on with the video that the maple donuts truck was in on August 10th," Sue Adams, the video coordinator, said. "We didn't film until August 21st. They had 11 days to review that and say, 'hey we need changes,' or 'this isn't going to work.' No one got back to me."

A few days before the game, Mayor Helfrich asked them to add a disclaimer about the views and opinions of the sponsor not reflecting the views of the City. Those changes were made.

"Even though we made the changes, the video was not allowed to be released," Adams said. "And the Mayor even called to the Revolution and asked them not to show the video, so even if I had provided the video to the Revolution, they would not have played it."

But Mayor Helfrich says Maple Donuts' political agenda, isn't the reason why he pulled it.

"It's my job to make sure that people feel safe," Helfrich, said. "I do the best that I can. Having my police department associated with somebody who chooses to use wedge issues in their advertising, that doesn't help people feel better about their relationship with the York City Police Department. So that is why the video was pulled."

"I think it's wrong," Burnside said. "He's entitled to his opinion but why make it political? This was suppose to help the police department. This was a fundraiser. It's not political at all. It was never meant to be political. But he made it into a political thing."

And the decision to pull the video, doesn't just impact the Police Department

"I just think that all of the work that I'll have put into it is one thing, but then I put myself on the line for other businesses, and I made them a promise of something, that now I can't deliver," Adams said. "And that makes me look bad in front of people that trusted me."

"We just want to raise money for the Police Department, and the York Revolution," Burnside said. "That's all we wanted to do. And we'll continue to do that. I think the businesses in York will come together and we'll raise the amount of money that was needed for this cause."

Fox 43 reached out to Eric Menzer, the president of the York Revolution. He declined to comment on camera, but said the Mayor told him that the video was 'unauthorized' by his police department so they decided not to run it.

The Mayor also said he plans to show the video at a public York NAACP meeting Tuesday. Why? His office will only say he wants to get their opinion of the video.

Even though the video was pulled, $5,000 was raised at Saturday's game for the Police. Bailey Coach, another York company, created a GoFundMe account to try and match that $5,000. All proceeds will go directly to the York City Police Department's motorcycle unit for new equipment.