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People prepare for the first taste of winter weather in Pa.

NEW THIS MORNING — Officials from PennDOT have been pre-treating the roads since the early hours of the morning. They say they have a total of 300 trucks ...

NEW THIS MORNING -- Officials from PennDOT have been pre-treating the roads since the early hours of the morning. They say they have a total of 300 trucks ready to go, with 55 out patrolling in York County alone.

"We'll be keeping our eye on the road conditions, making sure trucks are keeping up with the snow and ice," says PennDOT Assistance Highway Maintenance Manager, Rudy Huggins.

He says it is crucial to start pre-treating the roadways ahead of any winter storm, especially the back roads since they aren't traveled on as much.

Depending on the size of the truck they can carry between eight to 15 tons of salt.

Crews have been out since 4:30 a.m. Thursday morning and a new crew will switch out with them around 12:30 p.m., Huggins says they will keep up with conditions to see if another crew will be back in early Friday morning.

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA, Pa. --  With the snow heading our way, people all across Central Pennsylvania are bracing for the first taste of winter weather this season.

People who are just trying to stay ahead of all the snow, sleet, and rain FOX43 Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann is forecasting for Thursday.

People should be trading in their leaf blowers for shovels, snowblowers, and plows.

We caught up with some people preparing for the winter weather.

“I'm just getting prepared, filling up the gas, going to the store, and get the bread, milk, and the eggs, the whole 9 yards!" said Chavonne Washington of Windsor Township.

Washington says she's new to Pennsylvania, and she's not quite sure what to expect.

"I don’t know how people drive around here. I know people in Virginia, they can’t drive at all!" she added.

Others are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

"I grew up in Pennsylvania, so I’m totally used to the crazy three footers and then nothing," said Danielle Filer of York County.

Landscaping companies are also switching into winter mode, getting their trucks ready, and preparing to potentially work through the night.

"We got several snow blowers for side walks, brooms," said Seth Bomgardner, a manager at J. Hubler Landscaping in Lancaster County. "It’s best to use magnesium chloride or a calcium chloride. It won’t hurt, crack, or destroy your concrete, put that down. You can pre-treat it, and then if you got to go out to check mail or something, you can throw it down again as you walk.”

PennDOT officials are also reminding drivers to be smart about driving during wintry conditions, saying roads that look wet could really be icy, especially near bridges and highway ramps.

They say drivers should have everything needed inside their vehicles in case of an emergency, including non-perishable food, water, blanket, small shovel, and warm clothes. Remember also any special needs, such as baby food, pet supplies or medications.

PennDOT also says drivers should leave plenty of space, at least 6 car lengths, behind trucks and plows taking care of the roads.

Drivers can check roadway conditions on their phones at 511PA.com.

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