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Newberry Township woman survives Las Vegas shooting, shares her story with FOX43

NEWBERRY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. — More than 500 people were hurt in Sunday’s shooting rampage, including one survivor from Central Pennsylvania....

NEWBERRY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- More than 500 people were hurt in Sunday's shooting rampage, including one survivor from Central Pennsylvania.

Deborah Raber knew after three pops, it wasn't fireworks raining from the sky at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

"I heard, 'pop, pop, pop!' I heard three pops, what sounded like fireworks, the illegal kind, you know, that pop and then spray out, so I looked up," she said.

Raber, who lives in Newberry Township, with her two sons was attending the country festival with her daughter Kierstin Gallerie. It was a mother-daughter date the two were looking forward to for months that instantly turned into a nightmare.

"I, then, heard the next gunfire, the pop, pop, pop, pop, and I saw flashes," she described.

After that, Raber says everything happened so quick.

"I said, 'everybody get down', and at the same time, somebody behind me, I just remember a big arm throwing me down at the same time onto the ground. My daughter was down, but I didn't know when she got down. Split seconds later, I saw blood, and what was wrong was the guy who was standing in front of her was shot," said Raber. "The gunfire kept on going, and then, it would stop, and I kept screaming her name and screaming her name, and she finally reached behind with her one hand and grabbed my hand."

The horror felt like an eternity. The two stayed on the ground, and Kierstin took care of the wounded man, comforting him and applying pressure to his wound.

"It wasn't necessarily a decision I made. It was an instinct. I work as a teacher, and I always wanted to help people. That's my job," explained Kierstin Gallerie, over the phone. She lives in California.

The man is a friend the two made at the festival, one of many friends the two made that weekend.

"We were there for the love of country music, nothing else, and that's it," explained Raber.

Raber showed FOX43 chilling photos she took of the Mandalay Bay just moments before the shooting and a photo taken of the pit below the stage following where she and her daughter stayed for hours.

"We never moved. We stayed in the open on the ground until all the gunfire was over with. We didn't run," she said.

Raber says she's thankful her daughter and all of the people they met that night are okay. They're both grateful for the support and love of so many friends, family, and strangers.

"I'm taking it one day at a time. That's all we can do is take one day at a time, and be human. Be human. Love each other. Life's too short to be so petty, and I thank everybody who was there that night- the police, everybody."