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Man barricades himself in Days Inn room after spitting on hotel guest

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A man staying at a hotel, spit on another guest’s face and barricaded himself in his room according to Northern York County Regio...
Ryan Doherty mugshot

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A man staying at a hotel, spit on another guest’s face and barricaded himself in his room according to Northern York County Regional Police.

On June 4 police were dispatched to the Days Inn hotel on Arsenal Road in York. Hotel guest, Jake Lobins called the police after another hotel guest allegedly spit on his face without any apparent reason.

According to the police report, Lobins was sitting on the back of his truck outside of his room, when a man walked past him to the nearby Sheetz. Lobins said there was no exchange of words and the man didn’t look at him. Shortly after, Lobins observed the man walking back from Sheetz with a 12 pack of beer, but the man walked to the other side of the hotel so he didn’t walk past Lobins.

After a few minutes, Lobins says he saw the same man appear around the corner and walk towards him. The man then allegedly said, “Why you sitting on my truck?” Lobins says he didn’t respond and the man who was now standing directly in front of him, suddenly spit in his face and the spit went into his left eye.

The man, later identified as Ryan Doherty, walked away from Lobins, yelling about hiding behind the TV, taking Viagra and screaming obscenities, according to the police report. He then allegedly went up to his second-floor room.

When police arrived at the scene, Doherty was still in his room. Police were able to corroborate the events that Lobins recounted with witness Michele Marsico, who was standing outside at the time of the event. Both Marsico and Lobins said that Doherty appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or some type of drug.

Lobins also told police he had never met Doherty before and didn’t know who he was.

Police say they knocked on Doherty’s room door and windows and called out to him multiple times to no response. An officer went to the front desk to get the room key from hotel employee Rosa Misiego, who told the officer the hotel wanted Doherty out of his room and removed from the hotel in consequence to his actions. She also informed the officer that the room was rented under Carolyn Doherty, Ryan’s mother.

The hotel staff called Carolyn Doherty and asked her to go to the hotel where her son was staying. Police say that when she arrived she made a call to Ryan Doherty, telling him to come out so he could talk to police and he told her he was not coming out and that the police needed to talk to his lawyer. Police asked her to try and get him to come out of the room and to not make things worse but he didn’t respond.

Carolyn Doherty allegedly told police that her son was not welcome at her Red Lion home and that he stays at different hotels in the area but uses her home for a mailing address.

Police used the key from the front desk to try to open the door but it didn’t work. Then a master key was used and police say they were able to open the door for a brief moment before it was forced closed from the inside. Following multiple unsuccessful attempts to open the door, hotel employee Misiego called out to Ryan Doherty and told him to open the door and that he was no longer welcome and had to leave the hotel immediately.

According to police, the only option left to gain entry was to use a battering ram and pry bar to break down the door. Police had to force the deadbolt out of the lock and push against a couch that was blocking the entry to the room.

Ryan Doherty allegedly appeared from behind the couch as police were pushing the door open. He was taken into custody without further events.

Officers say they could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from him.

Police say they found his room in complete disarray with multiple empty beers cans laying around and a case of beer in the fridge with a few beers missing from the case.

Lobins told police he was going to Memorial Hosptial to have his eye checked out after Ryan Doherty spit in it.

Ryan Doherty is facing multiple charges, including disorderly conduct, trespassing, harassment, and public drunkenness.