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York Police investigate deadly shooting with multiple witnesses coming forward

YORK, Pa. — A man was shot and killed in York after what some witnesses are calling a “road rage incident.” Police are investigating the deadl...

YORK, Pa. -- A man was shot and killed in York after what some witnesses are calling a "road rage incident."

Police are investigating the deadly shooting after multiple witnesses have come forward with their version of what led up to it.

Jamie Weimert, 29, was killed in York near the intersection of East Philadelphia and Pine Street Sunday.

York City Police Chief Wes Kahley said, "We had one individual shoot another individual after some altercation in a vehicle."

Multiple witnesses told us Weimert was in a gray truck and got into a fender bender with a red car.

They said Weimert got out of his truck, opened the drivers' side door of the car and began to beat up the driver. The driver shot Weimert in self-defense.

But Weimert's fiancee tells FOX43 she was in the truck and Weimert got out only to see what was going on.

Kahley said, "I know people are frustrated we're not putting a whole lot of information out, but we want to make sure we don't color anybody's view of it."

The driver was taken in for questioning, but later released as police continue to investigate.

The incident comes just days after a deadly shooting Friday night and a shooting Thursday. And a week before those shootings, there was one at a corner store and another down the street - all in the same day.

Kahley said, "There's been an uptick here in the last two weeks unfortunately, and our officers are doing a great job fighting it. They're doing what they can with the resources they have."

York City Mayor-Elect Michael Helfrich said, "Coming in from all sides. It's happening in the middle of the day. The kid of a friend of mine was killed the other night."

Helfrich said he's hoping to make some changes to help reduce violence in the city.

He said, "We have to build up our community watches. We have to have more police presence out on the street, but we also have to get to these young kids to make sure that they understand their lives are worth more than being shot or being in prison the rest of their lives."

Kahley said police have already put details out in certain locations and will continue to work to reduce crime in the city.

He said, "When we compared the data from this time last year to this time this year with people that were actually struck by a bullet it's actually down 55 percent."

Kahley said once police are done investigating the incident, the district attorney will make a decision as to what, if any, charges should should be filed against the man who shot Weimert.

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