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Investigating the unexplained in the Hanover haunted house

Last summer, a couple asked us to visit their haunted house in Hanover, York County. They say they’re living with several spirits, and when our crew visit...

Last summer, a couple asked us to visit their haunted house in Hanover, York County. They say they're living with several spirits, and when our crew visited they got more than they bargained for.

FOX43 photographer, Nick Petrillo, received a scratch in the home that he could't explain. When they story aired, hundreds of people reached out to the Simpsons about the house.

"I don't wish it on anybody else, so I wouldn't give any negative comments after being through it to anybody else's experiences," says homeowner Tom Simpson.

He received a similar scratch which he talked about on an episode of the Dead Files. The show aired days after Petrillo visited.

"We were just sitting here at the table and we were just kidding around one day, and I said of it's probably your ghost because I was very skeptical," Simpson says. "I looked down and I had a scratch right across my wrist here so that's a personal thing I had happen. Kind of makes you go from being a skeptic to believing."

On the second visit, a ghost investigations company called the Gettysburg Ghost Gals also came to the home. They've performed

investigations there over the years.

They're the group that captured a photo of a "shadow man" in the basement.

"There's definitely a very ominous, negative spirit in the basement of this house, I have absolutely no doubt about that," says investigator Brigid Goode. "We have caught a woman and children also in the home, so there are very many spirits here."

The teams set up a camera and green beam light system to track any movement. Audio recordings seemed to pick up words and phrases, including FOX43 photographer Becca Knier's name. Goode says she felt a ghostly touch - her hair was pulled.

"This piece right here was totally pinned back, it actually got pulled and tugged when we were on the couch," she says.

A local medium also shares her thoughts about spirit activity in the home. The homeowners say they aren't surprised.

"Don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge me, or my family when you're not living in this position," says homeowner DeAnna Simpson.