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Hanover couple says their house is haunted, and it’s not safe

HANOVER, YORK COUNTY, Pa. — It’s been four years since FOX43 took a step inside Hanover’s haunted house. The last time we went, a FOX43 photog...

HANOVER, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- It's been four years since FOX43 took a step inside Hanover's haunted house.

The last time we went, a FOX43 photographer said something reached out and touched him.

The house has been featured on a number of TV shows and is now the subject of a book.

FOX43's Grace Griffaton decided to take a visit, and just in time for Halloween.

Nestled at the corner of Maple and Monroe streets in a quiet Hanover neighborhood, a house that hasn't felt much like home for its owners since shortly after moving in.

It's known as Hanover's most haunted house, and it's been featured on the Travel Channel's show, 'The Dead Files.'

Deanna and Tom Simpson currently own the home.

"As soon as we pulled up, I was just instantly drawn to it," said Deanna Simpson.

Deanna fell in love with the house's quirks and charm.

It reminded her of a childhood home in Kentucky, but that love story soon turned into a nightmare; it's one the Simpsons say they can't seem to escape.

"The problem is nobody wants it for a home, cause it's not safe. I've been thrown down the steps, I had a fractured tailbone. We've been bit. We've been scratched," explained Deanna Simpson.

Our photographer believed he was scratched by something the last time we checked out the house.

Deanna and Tom lead us on a tour of the three story home.

We learned Tom is slightly skeptical but unable to deny something's happening here.

"The thing is, I used to kid her about your ghosts did this, that, and I was at the kitchen table saying that to her, and I got a burning sensation, and I got a scratch, and I said, 'there might be something to this,' explained Tom Simpson, Deanna's husband.

"I started crying and said, 'how do you explain that? How do you explain that? What happened there? You know, there's no cats around. We're just sitting here,'" said Deanna.

Deanna is the main victim in this haunting.

She recalls horrifying stories throughout the couples 10 years here.

They've remounted an elk head several times, after Deanna and Tom found it on the floor... in the same room where they've both  felt sick.

"This is where we thought we were having a heart attack. We'd end up going to the local hospital. We'd drive there, and as soon as we left the house, we felt better," said Deanna.

In another room, Deanna says she's watched by a woman outside the window, and something crawls into bed with her at night.

"A couple times, I was actually pinned down in the bed. I couldn't move," she said.

We experienced some phenomena ourselves, like when FOX43 Photographer Drew Szala hears a noise he just can't explain while getting shots of the house, and in the basement.

That's where I begin to feel a dull pain in the back of my head, but only while downstairs.

Deanna says they never use the basement.

"We have three levels of haunting. You have your basement, and first floor, and you have your upstairs, and it's like they all stay in these areas," she said,

While researching, Deanna says she learned a young boy was shot in the head here.

She says he likes to make himself known.

"A lot of times, it's been captured on EVPs, where he will say, 'I've been shot. I've been murdered,' or, 'I've been killed,' and it's like he's leaving his feeling of how he was shot... on you," she explained.

While talking about the boy's tragic death, a paranormal detection device, mysteriously sounding off.

My photographer retraced his steps to try and set it off again but nothing.

Deanna says she's also captured an entity she calls the 'shadow man' on camera in the basement.

Other times, paranormal groups record voices throughout the house.

While there, we learn a spirit threatened a paranormal team checking it out with us.

These guys haven't felt so hot inside the home, either.

"Here, you get that nausea, and you get that little headache," said Sean Austin, a paranormal investigator.

With all of these strange encounters, we had to do a little of our own investigating so we walked the basement with special tools, designed to capture any spirits.

We also used a spirit box to talk directly to any entities.

"Is the spirit who scratched the last time the news people were here, still in this house?!" asked Austin.

Something even said my name.

To make matters spookier, I suddenly became very cold, shivering, even while wearing a blanket.

We leave the house a little less skeptical than when we arrived, but the true test would be looking at audio and video captured on cameras left in different rooms.

I listened to those clips for hours, listening closely, and looking for anything out of the norm.

One camera upstairs recorded this strange sound and also what sounds like a man whispering, 'go'.

We also capture a slam -- which isn't coming from any door inside the house.

Last, and possibly the creepiest sound of all, a deep growl recorded in the living room.

We also lost audio from the camera's internal mic, when it randomly cut out during our tour of the house; my photographer says that's never happened to him.

It's no wonder the Simpsons want out.

"As a husband, you feel how do you defend your wife against something you can't see," said Tom Simpson.

"We're here because we have nowhere else to go," explained Deanna. "You can't buy another home unless you can sell this."

They've tried a number of cleanses but with no luck.

"We've had a priest, a preacher, a shaman, a reiki healer, a witch, and then, Tom and I said, 'nobody is able to do it, we're just going to do it ourselves,' but we just can't do it; it's just bigger than us," stated Deanna.

For now, Deanna says they'll continue to decorate the house, making it their own. She also says they have their faith.  It's just a question of how much longer will they be able to stay...

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