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Give Local York: Honey’s Raid

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– Dog fighting in Central Pennsylvania is rarely seen–however that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. One York County woma...

YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- Dog fighting in Central Pennsylvania is rarely seen--however that doesn't mean it isn't happening.

One York County woman says the dog she rescued was severely injured in what officials say was clearly a result of the crime. So. Jen Crider created Honey`s Raid to help abused animals like her pup, Honey. 'She was one of the worst cases we had seen around here, especially for dog fighting.'

Honey was found in a York City alleyway along with 2 other dogs that were badly maimed and abused. Officials say all of the dogs, including one found in a dumpster that had died of it`s injuries--were clearly victims of dog-fighting.

Crider says, 'Between them and the SPCA and the Humane Officer of York City, they had all agreed her wounds were all consistent.'

Honey required $10,000 in surgery... $10,000  that isn't just readily available.

Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance was able to raise the money to get Honey back on her feet. Once she started her recovery-- Crider didn't waste any time when it came to rescuing the pitbull mix.

'I was one of the very first people that put in an adoption application... I needed saved too, and I knew I could save her.'

It was Jen's love for Honey and her compassion that prompted her to start 'Honey`s Raid,' a non-profit organization that works to provide financial assistance for abused animals in need of surgical procedures, 'We`ll donate to just about anything neglect, abuse-wise... I want people to know their money that comes to us is safe with us. 5 dollars, 10 dollars it all adds up...'

Crider says the most important thing the organization does though, is help people understand how to put a stop to dog-fighting... A crime that often goes unseen, 'We decided that we wanted to focus on the signs of dog fighting and educating the community on the signs of dog fighting.' 

Honey is now happy and healthy, her tail constantly wagging, and the kisses are never in short supply.

Crider says it is so important though for people to remember Honey when she was first found barely alive back in 2012,  because then, maybe people will help put an end to the crime that often goes unseen, 'I need people to keep their eyes and ears open.'

Crider says the organization also offers free presentations for our law enforcement officers and fire personnel.

She says as far as reporting dog fighting, you can do it anonymously though 'Honey`s Raid,' click here: https://www.facebook.com/HoneysRAID/

To learn more or to donate to Honey's Raid through Give Local York, click here: https://www.givelocalyork.org/