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Eagles fans celebrate championship win in Lancaster and look ahead to Super Bowl LII

LANCASTER, Pa. — For many football fans in our area, Sunday night was long overdue. That’s because the Philadelphia Eagles played in the NFC champio...

LANCASTER, Pa. -- For many football fans in our area, Sunday night was long overdue.

That's because the Philadelphia Eagles played in the NFC championship game for the first time in years against the Minnesota Vikings.

Philadelphia Eagles fans packed the Brickyard Bar and Restaurant in Lancaster.

Many hoped for the same thing.

"To watch the Eagles go to the Super Bowl," said Courtney Ross of Lancaster.

“Just hoping they get to the Super Bowl, praying!" said Sheena Myers of Lancaster.

Some felt confident before the game even started.

“The Vikings are going down tonight," said Chris Vital of Lancaster. "The Patriots in two weeks, they’ll find out what the Eagles fans are like."

“I feel like the Eagles fans are die hard. We go hard every single year. We’re ready for it. This year, Super Bowl.... finger’s crossed," said Keri Vital of Lancaster.

Some counted on luck to make it to Super Bowl LII.

“This is the good luck," said Ross, holding a 'lucky troll'. “Every third down, you have to give some good vibes to it, and it worked last week, and it’s going to work this week.”

It was difficult to find a Viking fan in the crowd.

“I get weird looks sometimes. When I was in the mall the other day, I had my hat on, somebody was like,’ yeah, good luck Sunday’. You know, it comes with the territory. I knew I walking into a little hornets nest," said Jamar McBall of Lancaster.

Some say a little competition is necessary for a good game.

“It’s not a game unless there’s one person voting for one side and one person voting for the other side," said Rafael Fland of Lancaster.

Many say the Eagles are the ultimate underdogs and deserve a Super Bowl ring... but not Fland.

“Anyone who says, ‘oh they haven’t had a ring in a very long time,’ or, ‘oh, they haven’t had a good run' should, why not, cheer for the Browns every single year," said Fland.

Many looked ahead to a potential Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

“Knock Tom Brady off his pedestal. I’m tired of seeing him up there. Tom has to go. Tom has to go," said McBall.