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Deal or Dud: Products put to the test to see if they really work

Five products put to the test, to see if they really work in a simple concept called “Deal or Dud.” TOUCAN OPENER Whether you’re opening a can...

Five products put to the test, to see if they really work in a simple concept called "Deal or Dud."


Whether you're opening a can of chili or a can of tuna ,the battery-operated Toucan opener promises to quickly open a can without the sharp edges left by traditional openers making it easy and safe.  Just stick in the batteries, lay the device on your can and watch it open.  The opener even features a magnet to keep it attached to whatever can you're trying to open.

Verdict: Deal
Price: $10-15, Online and some Walmart stores


This product promises to give you the taste of fried food without all of the excess oil. This fryer claims to use about a tablespoon or less for many of your favorites such as fries or wings. The fryer, put to the test on an array of foods works as advertised making crispy wings without the fat.

Verdict: Deal
Price: Around $300, most major retailers


This product promises to come in handy when it becomes difficult to read the print in everything from books to restaurant menus. They're as thin as two credit cards and feature shatterproof lenses. They can also withstand drops and easily be stored in a wallet. And when put to the test, they passed with their impressive lens quality.

Verdict: Deal
Price: About $18 from Amazon.com


This product is designed as a responsive lacing system to keep you from having to tie your shoes more than once. The directions are simple, take a pair of the laces, thread them through and let them do their magic. When put to the test, the shoes never came untied -- turning your favorite pair of shoes into slips-ons.

Verdict: Deal
Price: $15/pair at Hickies.com


This product is a family-friendly device called Disney Circle. It is designed to manage content and time across your children's wireless devices. It works with Apple and Android systems . Simply download the app after installing the device and from there, set specific restrictions and security choices.  The device helps parents stress away when it comes to their kids having free reign on the world wide web.

Verdict: Deal
Price: $99 from major retailers like Target and Best Buy

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