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COLD CASE: Sabic homicide case unsolved 8 years later

SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. — It’s been eight years since Rezija Sabic was shot and killed on the front porch of her home on Liberty Court. No arrests hav...
SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's been eight years since Rezija Sabic was shot and killed on the front porch of her home on Liberty Court. No arrests have been made. Police have no forensics leading them to a potential suspect.

For members of the Swatara Township Police Department, bringing closure to the Sabic homicide case carries a heavy weight. It's the only unsolved homicide case the Department currently has.

"It's very unusual for our department to have a case like this unsolved," Lt. Tim Shatto, said. "That is very unusual."

And police aren't the only one's who haven't forgotten. Neither has Rezija's younger brother, Senad Pajazetovic. He is the only family member who has kept in touch with investigators.

Rezija was one of 12 siblings and was born and raised in Bosnia. She and her husband Senad, who coincidentally shares the same name as her brother, immigrated to the States in the 90's. By all accounts, Rezija was a great person, a hard worker, a family oriented woman, and  a wonderful mother to two teenage daughters at the time of her death.

"I guess time heals some things, but, I don't forget," Pajazetovic said.

Rewind eight years ago on July 28th at 6:55 a.m. Rezija is found dead on her front porch on Liberty Court from two gun shot wounds.

"To me, it seems impossible," Pajazetovic said. "That somebody could come just like that, to her house shoot you on your porch. It's like they walked on air. Nobody sees anything, ya know are people just afraid to come forward? For their safety? But I'm not afraid to show my face anywhere."

Rezija's husband now lives in another country, but we went back to the home. After speaking with hundreds of neighbors and potential witnesses, police said they have no record of any car or person leaving this area at the time of the shooting. Police were only called to the home, after the neighbor across the street heard a gunshot and found Rezija lying on the front porch.

"We're not aware of any enemies that she had, and the frustrating part about this case was that she was murdered on the front porch of her home very early in the morning in broad daylight and we have nobody that witnessed this crime," Swatara Township Police Chief Darrell Reider, said.

But there was someone else who heard it. Someone other than the neighbor who found her.

"We located an individual that walks her dog every morning, same routine, she lives up in this area," Shatto said.

A woman who asked FOX 43 not to use her name.

"I heard the bang bang bang and I just thought that maybe there were people hunting because there's a field way down back there. but the sad part is that even though I was walking at the time that it happened, I didn't see anyone," she said.

Another dead end. Until a few months later on September 16th, when a man walked into Harrisburg International Airport asking to speak to Rezija's husband.

"Nobody has been able to identify him and determine who he is, or why he was at the airport," Shatto said.

Could he hold the key? Police have no suspect, no answers, no smoking gun. Not even the one that ended Rezija's life.

"It's not going to bring her back, but you always wonder is it something she did? Did somebody else do something to cause that? You never know. But I'm pretty sure she didn't do anything," Pajazetovic said.

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