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Chester County man charged with possession of child pornography after 6-month investigation

PARKESBURG, Chester County — A 25-year-old Parkesburg man was charged Friday with felony counts of sexual abuse of children after police say he created an...

PARKESBURG, Chester County — A 25-year-old Parkesburg man was charged Friday with felony counts of sexual abuse of children after police say he created an disseminated child pornography.

Christopher Joseph Kremski, of the 500 block of Main Street, was charged after police began an investigation last December, according to a criminal complaint affidavit filed by Pennsylvania State Police.

The investigation was launched on Dec. 17, 2017, when a member of the Lancaster County Computer Crimes Unit traced an IP address associated to a BitTorrent network that was being used to download suspected child pornography files to the address of a Parkesburg home where Kremski was living.

On May 1, members of the State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation Central Computer Crimes Task Force served a search warrant at the address. Troopers found a man, later identified as Kremski, asleep on the third floor. Kremski agreed to speak to police about the investigation.

According to police, Kremski said he lived in the home since 2017. He said he was living with relatives who owned the residence. He told police he did not own any computers, because his had been seized due to a previous arrest for child pornography charges last year. The only electronic device Kremski owned, he told police, was his cell phone. He also told police that he used the WiFi at the residence, and that no one outside the residence knew the WiFi network’s password.

When questioned about the child pornography indicated in the search warrant, Kremski told police he had no idea how it could have happened and that he did not view, download or share any child pornography, according to the criminal complaint.

While police were interviewing Kremski, forensic analysts from the Computer Crimes Unit were searching the data contained in electronics found inside the home, according to the criminal complaint. They discovered evidence of child pornography on the devices. When advised of that, police say, Kremski ended the interview.

In addition to the pornographic videos depicting children found on two devices in the home, police say, forensic analysts discovered three pictures of a 6- to 7-year-old girl asleep on a bed. On two of the images, the camera was zoomed into the child’s genital area, and the left hand of an adult male is pictured moving the child’s underwear to the side the expose the child’s genitals, police say. Police identified a small, brown birthmark on the hand in the photo.

Police photographed Kremski’s left hand, according to the criminal complaint. They observed a birthmark similar to that of the one in the photos.

An arresting officer recognized the victim in the photo as the daughter of the relative Kremski was staying with at the time of his previous arrest for child pornography, according to the criminal complaint.

On May 4, police interviewed the mother of that victim, who was able to identify the girl in the photos as her daughter, along with the bed sheets and underwear depicted in the photos as the victim’s.

From information gathered during the investigation, police were able to determine that the photos of the sleeping girl were taken during the time when Kremski was living with that family, police say.

After completing forensic analysis of the electronic devices found when police executed the search warrant at the home where Kremski was living on May 1, police determined that the devices contained 459 pictures containing child pornography.  A total of five videos containing child pornography were discovered as well, police say.

The photos of the sleeping girl were analyzed, and it was determined they were taken by the same model of cellular phone seized from Kremski during the search of the home on May 1.