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Auto mechanics see cold weather car problems pile up

YORK, P.A. — The cold weather is as hard on the vehicle as it is the driver. Chad Fadely from Fadely’s Auto Masters says they’ve received seve...

YORK, P.A. --- The cold weather is as hard on the vehicle as it is the driver.

Chad Fadely from Fadely's Auto Masters says they've received several calls per morning and multiple cars are towed in daily.

"You start your car, it's just like you in the morning. You don't want to get going," said Fadely.

Fadely said most common problem they see is battery failure.

As people bundle up, Fadely said so do our cars, which makes it difficult on batteries.

"Your engine gets tighter, your oil in your engine gets thicker. So it takes more energy for the engine to turnover," said Fadely.

Antifreeze in cooling systems seems like an obvious necessity for the frigid time of year.

However, Fadely said engine problems remains a common occurrence in shops.

"If you have water in your cooling system instead of antifreeze, what's going to happen is it's going to freeze," said Fadely.

He said wiper blades are also susceptible for damage.

He recommended doing the dirty work, yourself, and scrape off any ice before using them.

He also said the colder air can also bring tire pressure down, which can set off the tire pressure warning light on the dashboard.

While he said a lot of these issues are out of your hands, time and attention can keep a car as normal as possible.

"Make sure the snow is cleaned off of it. If it's going to sit a couple days, it'd be a good idea to go out and drive it or at least let it run for a while, get it nice and warm, then shut it back off," said Fadely.

The best you can do, Fadely said, is to get maintenance done before the temperature gets to zero.

"Prevent this stuff from happening before you go out and hit your key on a Tuesday morning and got to go to work and the car doesn't start," said Fadely.

He said if you end up stranded on the side of the road, make sure you have a safety kit with you, including a warm blanket.

He also said a charged cell phone can alert a tow company and or family of your whereabouts if you get stuck.