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Pokemon Go makes Lancaster Cemetery a popular spot

LANCASTER, Pa.– Pokemon Go is the new game people can’t stop playing. It’s a smartphone app that involves traveling to sites throughout the re...

LANCASTER, Pa.-- Pokemon Go is the new game people can't stop playing. It's a smartphone app that involves traveling to sites throughout the real world to catch the Pokemon creature.

In Lancaster there is one unique spot the game takes you. We found Lancaster resident Lakyn Laughman as she and her children were playing. They were headed into the Lancaster cemetery.

"It's not that it's like just a random spot," Laughman said. "Each of the PokeStops is something significant."

When showing us the app, we could see there were stops in the cemetery. We downloaded the app and even found several Pokemon creatures there as well.

"I think it's a little morbid how many stops are in there and how many are at the actual grave sites," Lancaster resident and Pokemon Go player Michelle Beale said.

When we spoke with a member of the cemetery board, they said they embrace the app and how it's bringing people to the cemetery.

"We always have visitors, but never this many for an unorganized event," board member Elaine Herr said.

Their one concern is safety. They are telling people to not come after dark. The only time to enter the cemetery is from dawn to dusk.

"We have small stones people can fall over," Herr said. There's just kind of hazards and plus you can be arrested for trespassing."

She said they will be at the gate at times for closing telling people to not enter. Most people listen and come back another time she said.

I don't think I would visit a cemetery in the middle of the night," Beale said. "I don't think that would be very appealing."

Herr said the cemetery board hopes this rise in visitors will encourage some of them to help when they have volunteer days during the year.

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