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When could construction on this busy Lancaster street be complete?

Drivers in Lancaster are dealing with gridlock and bumpy roads due to several ongoing construction projects.

LANCASTER, Pa. — Drivers in Lancaster are dealing with gridlock and bumpy roads due to several ongoing construction projects. 

Work on one main thoroughfare will continue throughout the summer.

Inside Our Town Brewery off South Prince Street, one of the owners says the vibe is fresh and energetic.

"While we're brewing, you can kind of smell the grain and the hops," said Rob Tarves, who is also the brewer.

Though, it's not always as pleasant outside of the business.

"A mess. It's a mess," explained Tarves.

Tarves says the goal is to have customers look outside of the building's big windows and not see any traffic or construction along South Prince Street.

"We'd love for this to be a nice place for people to people watch," said the brewer.

Tarves believes the ongoing roadwork could be a deterrent for business.

"As far as even wanting to go downtown if I can, 'Heck, just stay in Lititz, Ephrata, Millersville -- I don't feel like dealing with the traffic,'" he said.

Steve Campbell, Director of Lancaster's Public Works department, says the city doesn't have much control over the work underway on South Prince.

Contractors for PennDOT are doing essential work, including ADA ramp work, utility adjustments, leveling, paving, and more that was prolonged due to COVID-19.

"They have taken a lot of ire from the public as well as from us that it's taken as long as it has. It's a main thoroughfare. It's been in horrible shape for long, long time, and those are essential utilities that have to go into the street," said Campbell.

It's not just PennDOT taking the heat; Campbell says other city work is also causing additional backups for drivers.

"You have the domino effect of other streets, sometimes cross streets, at those intersections, we try to minimize this as much as possible," added Campbell.

His advice?

"We do ask people to be patient, that they try to vary their scheduled as much as possible, because that will alleviate some of their own frustration," he said.

While it may be frustrating for drivers, Tarves says it's also a good thing to see.

"Construction is a positive thing, a place that's being invested into. You can't let things sit around without some orange cones or it will also fall apart," said Tarvest.

Happily, Campbell says much of the work is in the homestretch as it's scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer.

You can find all of the construction projects underway in Lancaster here.

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