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7-year-old cancer survivor gives back to those who helped him | On The Bright Side

Meet a 7-year-old cancer survivor who is giving back to the place that helped him heal.

YORK, Pa. — Under most Christmas trees, you'll find presents.  

Beneath Harrison Fischman's tree, you'll find more than 100 pairs of pajamas! They aren't for him, though.

"We attempt to deliver on his birthday every year, as his gift back to the care providers and hospital that took care of him," said his mother, Helen Fischman. 

Harrison spent his seventh birthday to putting a smile on patients faces at Hershey Medical Center.  

After being diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer in 2017, the first grader has been healthy and in remission for the past five years. His mom says that's thanks in part to treatment and care he received while staying there.

"Being in the hospital, people give you things," Helen Fischman explained.  "And you just think' how do I ever pay that back?"  

She found a way to help patients going through similar situations. 

"I said, 'I want to give kids pajamas for Christmas, because he was in the pediatric intensive care unit, unable to be dressed,'" said Helen Fischman. "When they extubated, him it meant he was healing and the first thing I put on his was pajamas."

Harrison's PJs for Pediatrics just celebrated its sixth year.  

The community donated 502 pairs, bringing their grand total to more than 2,500 pairs of pajamas. 

"They immediately get sorted, handed out and they are on the floors for the kids." Helen hopes even if just for just a moment, it gives patients and their families a sense of normalcy.

"There are parents that don't come out on the other side. So to come out and have a kid like Harrison that is 'normal,' I'm blessed," said Fischman. "For as long as I can, I will continue to pay it forward." 

The pair plans to keep this holiday and birthday tradition going for years to come. 

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